Here’s the lil guy I was waiting for!

I didn’t know this before the birth of my son, Hayes, but I’ve been waiting for him my whole life. Like literally just waiting – as in waiting to start my real life, waiting to build my family, waiting to be done being pregnant, waiting, waiting. There has always been some ‘other’ place to get or some reason I didn’t put in full effort. 

Now that he’s here, and there’s nothing else I’m waiting on – all my excuses, and ‘somedays’ are gone. Somehow this is more liberating that I would have imagined. I imagined this would come with a lot of pressure to get it right and do it all, but it’s more like: ok, I’m 41, I’m married to an awesome man, I have two amazing kids, I have a business I never knew could be so fulfilling, what could I possibly be waiting for? This is actually IT!

I recently declared to my husband, ‘this is my year to get hot again.’

To which he replied, ‘again?’

(To which I rolled my eyes thinking he was implying I never was, but turns out he was implying that I always have been – ahhhh..)

‘Getting hot’ is tongue-in-cheek for me not waiting. Not waiting to get in shape, to feel good about what I’m wearing, to be the leader and speaker I’ve always wanted to be, to show up on social media.. This last one is especially uncomfortable to me because I always wonder ‘who cares?!’, but I know that this will grow Threads. People are looking at the leadership of our company, at our vibe, at our personality to see if they want to be around people like us and like it or not, they’re looking at – among others – me.

It’s time to show up and show OFF what we’re doing because I’m SO proud of all of us.

No more waiting. What a relief!