I used to dread Mondays. Actually, I dreaded Sundays because that meant the weekend was almost over, and it was about to be Monday.

What’s funny is everything looked great on paper. I was delivering above and beyond, working my way up the ladder, earning six figures…but in all honesty, I wasn’t enjoying my work. Nothing I did on a daily basis inspired me.

I was mentally exhausted when 5 o’clock rolled around, with nothing left to pour into my husband and children. Worse, I missed three of my older daughter’s first five birthdays due to business travel, and even when I was home I was in front of the computer, so never truly present. Like many women, I had a successful career, but also experienced regular mama guilt in what I was sacrificing along the way.

I wasn’t living in alignment with my values, and I certainly wasn’t living life on my terms.

I think sometimes we fall into a routine and forget this isn’t the way life has to be. If we don’t like something…we can change it.

As crazy as this past year and a half in Covid has been, it’s prompted 1 in 3 US workers under 40 to consider changing careers, and I’m grateful to say I fall into that camp…well, I did until I turned 40 in January!

For me, the pandemic was the last straw as a working parent. We tried to involve my oldest in kindergarten, but e-learning didn’t work. We hired a nanny, and then she quit. We transitioned to homeschooling for the older kid, while I hid from the 2-year-old in the basement office. It was back-to-back conference calls with “bio-breaks” used to check on the kids. I realized that this is NOT the life I wanted. This is not WHAT I was meant to do, this is not WHO I was meant to be. And the time for change wasn’t a year or five years down the road…it was NOW!

I launched my Threads Worldwide business two and a half years ago, never imagining I would go full time into direct sales. It’s funny how the Universe, God, whatever you believe has a better version for your life than what you can even imagine.

It’s incredible to be part of building something bigger than myself. Each day I go to work, I know with certainty that what I do matters. What I do makes a difference.

I knew I’d love to have my work fit with my personal purpose, but I had no idea what would grow from that. I love our community of badass women who are working to build a brighter world. These aren’t just women I want to work with, these are women I want to do LIFE with.

This is truly a community where women are welcome to come as you are. We keep it real, and we get things done. Everyone is supportive, encouraging, and we all recognize each other for reaching our goals – whatever those may be. And when we gather…wow, does magic happen!

While I never envisioned myself in sales, I was the #1 seller in October and am leading a trailblazing team of women who are making big things possible in their own lives. Some women work part-time to earn an extra $500 a month to fund family vacations or home renovations, while other women are like me, seeing Threads as an incredible opportunity to become an entrepreneur without any risk.

With only 60 Socialpreneurs like me across the entire United States, I’m literally a ground floor warrior working to grow this company and launching entire states like Illinois, Wisconsin, and Texas.

The first week I left my corporate career, my husband noted, “I wasn’t grumpy anymore!” I knew I counted down the hours every day, but I never realized the impact it had on my family.

Life is too short to be unhappy.  I’m so grateful that I now know what if feels like to wake up each day with purpose, building something I believe in, and doing it alongside some amazing women.

What if we all decided to no longer dread Mondays? What if we found work that lit us up, providing an opportunity for us to share our gifts with the world? It’s kinda fun to imagine the possibilities 😉

Let’s build a brighter world together!

– Erin