Dare to See New Possibilities!

Discover tangible reminders that something new is always possible.

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We create life-changing work with women around the world through the fair trade of artisan jewelry.

Threads Family Value #6

Dare to See New Possibilities: We dare to dream of a world that works for everyone. We work alongside women making this a reality.

“What else is possible?” is our mantra at Threads and we dare to ask it on the regular. Whether we’re feeling dreamy and optimistic or stuck and frustrated, we know that something new is always possible, if we’re just willing to wonder and see and take action. “What else is possible?” is the question that gave birth to Threads as we confronted the realities of poverty and trafficking and systemic suffering. Our wondering led us to communities across the globe where other groups of women were also asking, “What else is possible?” and starting or joining artisan cooperatives as a way to contribute to their families, strengthen their communities, and fulfill their dreams. We saw the possibility of becoming the sales partners for these communities of courageous women, offering them an expanded marketplace in the United States.

We now work alongside women from the United States to Ecuador to Uganda, daring to see new possibilities together, dreaming of a more abundant world together, and taking action together. And we can’t help but wonder: if this is possible, what else is possible?!

Shop our DARE Collection!