Threads Family Values

We are pretty passionate about our Family Values! It’s what drives us in all that we do.

Learn about our Family Values from our Founders, Angela Melfi and Kara Valentine.

Together we Rise

We choose collaboration over competition.


We practice radical self-care. We honor ourselves to honor the world.
Global transformation begins with inner transformation.

Right Now

The time for action is now.
We begin where we are and trust that our path will appear.


We champion equal partnerships where all are elevated.
Our value is immeasurable and infinite.

Abundant Joy & Wonder

We lead with curiosity and passion, inviting joy and deep, deep belly laughs.

Dare to See New Possibilities

We challenge the status quo to build a brighter world that works for everyone.

Safe and Nurturing Communities

We gather to be connected, inspired, and known.
We celebrate courage and authenticity over perfection.