Our Story

Threads Worldwide was launched by Lindsay, Kara, and Angela–three friends who share a passion for empowering women around the world.

Threads Worldwide Founders
Threads Worldwide Founders

Our friendship began in college with a road trip across the U.S. Since then, we’ve traveled to over 50 countries together!

As we explored the developing world, we were struck by the poverty we witnessed. We remember a little girl in Cambodia begging for grape soda as she walked through an open sewer. We remember children in Vietnam who frantically adorned us with bracelets, then smiled sweetly to request payment. We remember countless families living on highway medians in India.

Each trip sparked the question, “what can we do?” As we thought about this question, we were struck by another phenomenon: the ripple effect of women rising out of poverty. Time and time again, we saw how empowering women transforms communities. When women earn an income and discover their voice, they educate their children, improve their homes, and advocate for their rights. The result? The entire community thrives.

Suddenly we understood how we could make an impact and Threads Worldwide was born.

Since we founded Threads in 2011, we’ve partnered with artisans around the world to create a growing market for their handmade goods. By partnering with artisan cooperatives and businesses, we create dignified jobs for women who need them. Through the fair trade of artisan jewelry, women from Uganda to Ecuador have watched their dreams become a reality: dreams of sending their children to school, accessing healthcare, and making their homes safer.

In the United States, we invite women to launch their own social impact business as Threads Socialpreneurs. Together with Hosts women connect their communities with women around the world through a global shopping experience. They share stories of our Artisan Partners as they educate people on the life-changing power of fair trade commerce.

We’re celebrating our growing community! We are committed to making a difference in the world and we know you are, too. To join us, you can shop with heart, gather your community for a Threads Gathering, or join the amazing women who are Socialpreneurs.

We are so excited and inspired by the women in our community, we can do this together!


Kara, Angela, Lindsay

Our Vision

We are community leaders who, in doing so ourselves, inspire others to live intentional and meaningful lives.

Each day, thousands of women around the world join together through the Threads movement. Artisan Partners and Threads Socialpreneurs alike work to better the lives of their families and communities, altering the course for future generations. Women know themselves as leaders and world-changers. They begin to understand the value of their contributions, standing taller with each step forward.

Meet the Founders

Angela Melfi

“I am so in love with our company! We are gathering world-changers who are improving the lives of their families and altering the course for future generations. With Threads, we know ourselves as valuable contributors who lift others and are proud of ourselves when our heads hit the pillow at night. At Threads, we are community leaders who inspire others to live powerful and meaningful lives.”

Kara Valentine

“Threads is built on the belief that we are better together and that anything is possible when people are committed to a common vision. As women, we are inherently collaborative, compassionate, intuitive, and empathetic. We lead with heart and envision ourselves as part of the whole. These values that are at the very core of Threads have the power to equalize, the power to heal and the power to change the world.”

Lindsay Murphy

“Since recently becoming a mother, I feel a deepened connection to our Artisan Partners, specifically the mothers we work with. I’ve been so blessed to have had great healthcare at my fingertips throughout my pregnancy and during the birth of my son; it pains me that other mothers don’t have the same opportunities. I want all mamas around the globe to have healthcare for their precious little ones as well as the basics we take for granted, like food and diapers. I want all mamas to be able to focus on loving their babies and not feel the desperation of wondering where the next meal will come from. I can’t imagine not being able to feed this little angel that I brought into the world. I work with Threads so every mother can have the same opportunities to provide for their children that I do.”