Our Story

We launched Threads Worldwide to create connection and life-changing work with women around the world from India to Colorado, Guatemala to Florida.

Threads Worldwide Founders
Threads Worldwide Founders

Our friendship began in college with a road trip across the U.S. Since then, we’ve traveled the world together!

On each trip we found ourselves day-dreaming about how we could spend even more time together. How could we work together?

As we explored new countries, we met women with incredible talent who were limited by their connection to a global market. Markets were flooded with tourists, and access to raw materials was scarce.

Finally, we put the two together: We could create access to a global market by creating a way for friends to work together! We would start a community-led global market place!

Today, we call it social-impact community-selling.

Today, we’re Threads Worldwide.

Since we founded Threads in 2011, we’ve partnered with women to create a growing market for fair trade goods, hand-crafted by incredible artisans.

We draw parallels in every aspect of our business:

Women in Ecuador gather to collect materials, learn new techniques, and work together in community.
Women in Colorado gather to shop stylish jewelry, gorgeous handbags, and our new home collection.

Women in Indonesia work from home crafting sterling silver pieces in home studios.
Women in Florida work from home scheduling Gatherings and coaching their teams.

We invite you to partner with us – create an extra stream of income for yourself or your family by bringing fair trade products to your community. Connect Santos in Guatemala to your friends and family. Create a global shopping experience in your home!

We promise you:
– Pillow-pride – you’ll be proud of how you make money,
– Elevated style and a way to spruce your look with items you’ll brag about,
– New adventures like the chance to visit our partners – so far we’ve gone to Guatemala, Ecuador, Indonesia, Bolivia, and are heading to Vietnam!
– And, amazing connections and friendships – use us as an excuse to reconnect with old friends, and make new life-long connections!

We’re celebrating our growing community!

Let’s create a Brighter World Together,

Kara, Angela*

* In 2017 Linds stepped away from our leadership team to rock out life as a nurse (something she was working towards when we founded Threads), and being a mama to 2 cutie pies. She continues to Host Gatherings and be as solid as ever on her business advice.

Our Vision

We are community leaders who, in doing so ourselves, inspire others to live intentional and meaningful lives.

Meet the Founders

Angela Melfi

“I am so in love with our company! We are gathering world-changers who are improving the lives of their families and altering the course for future generations. With Threads, we know ourselves as valuable contributors who lift others and are proud of ourselves when our heads hit the pillow at night. At Threads, we are community leaders who inspire others to live powerful and meaningful lives.”

Kara Valentine

“Threads is built on the belief that we are better together and that anything is possible when people are committed to a common vision. As women, we are inherently collaborative, compassionate, intuitive, and empathetic. We lead with heart and envision ourselves as part of the whole. These values that are at the very core of Threads have the power to equalize, the power to heal and the power to change the world.”

Lindsay Murphy

“Since recently becoming a mother, I feel a deepened connection to our Artisan Partners, specifically the mothers we work with. I’ve been so blessed to have had great healthcare at my fingertips throughout my pregnancy and during the birth of my son; it pains me that other mothers don’t have the same opportunities. I want all mamas around the globe to have healthcare for their precious little ones as well as the basics we take for granted, like food and diapers. I want all mamas to be able to focus on loving their babies and not feel the desperation of wondering where the next meal will come from. I can’t imagine not being able to feed this little angel that I brought into the world. I work with Threads so every mother can have the same opportunities to provide for their children that I do.”