Mission & Impact

Threads Worldwide creates life-changing work
and connection with women around the world through the fair trade of artisan jewelry, bags, and home goods.

How We Make an Impact

Across the Globe

Threads Worldwide partners with artisan cooperatives to create life-changing work in 9 countries around the world. By life-changing work, we mean just that: work that pays artisans a fair wage, empowering them to provide for their families and make a difference in their communities. We focus on women because they invest up to 90% of their income in their families and communities.

Many of the artisans who handcraft our pieces are survivors of sex trafficking, have special needs, or are facing social, economic, or political hardships. This work enables them to reach their potential to thrive, not just survive.



Empowering women is the fastest and most effective way to change the world.

By empowering women, we’re creating a world that works for everyone.

Close to Home

Here in the United States, we invite women to launch their own social impact business as a Threads Socialpreneur. As they sell unique, handcrafted jewelry, Threads Socialpreneur tell the stories of the artisans who made each piece. They show their community the impact of shopping with heart.

Not only do these women enjoy flexible, meaningful work, but they also build a supportive sisterhood. Threads Socialpreneurs inspire one another to grow their businesses and make a difference around the world.

Become a Threads Socialpreneur


Life-Changing Work

See how life-changing work empowers women to thrive, not just survive.

Around the world, our Artisan Partners are able to earn an income without leaving their home villages. This allows them to work between managing their households and spending time with their children. The lessened financial stress means children don’t have to work and can attend school instead — school their mothers can now afford.

With their income as artisans, women can also invest in healthcare and proper nutrition for their families. They uplift their entire community with improvements like smokeless stoves, solar light bulbs, organic farming, and water filtration systems.


In the United States, Threads Socialpreneurs rise to become leaders in their community as they connect women around the world. Many have been able to replace full-time jobs with their Threads business, allowing them the flexibility to spend more time with their children and earn an income on their terms. By shifting the focus of their career to fair trade, women also create an opportunity to teach their children about the rest of the world and our inherent global connection.

Make an Impact

3 Ways to Connect to our World-Changing Community

By shopping our collection of fair trade jewelry, you create life-changing work with women around the world and support your Threads Socialpreneur locally. Want to do more to empower women here and abroad? Gather your friends online or in-person, or, launch your own social impact business as a Threads Socialpreneur.