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Become a Fair Trade Partner

As a Fair Trade Partner, you’ll earn an income and shape a fair future selling artisan-made jewelry and sharing the stories of the women who made it. You don’t need a background in fashion or sales. Our training team will guide you every step of the way towards building a thriving business.

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The Opportunity


Our unique fair trade collections of jewelry, handbags, and accessories are a result of our close ties and partnerships with Artisan Partners around the world. We believe that style is about expressing our personal ethics and connecting to a larger vision of ourselves and others. Every piece in the Threads line has the power to bridge the gap between the woman who wears it and the woman who made it, creating threads of sisterhood across the globe. As a Fair Trade Partner, you’ll share about our jewelry as an invitation to creating a fair, connected, and thriving world.


Fair Trade Partners are impact-driven women that want to make a difference in their families, communities, and around the world. We are an unapologetically passionate group of women dedicating our time and energy to creating a global movement and fair future for all.


Whether you earn a free trip to Bali to meet our Artisan Partners or join us at our Annual Conference in Colorado to grow and connect, we promise you will discover new experiences and adventures that will leave you forever changed. We know that when we bring women from around the globe together to celebrate, collaborate, and connect with each other, we are shaping a radical new future for our world.

Style + Sisterhood + Impact

Meet a few of our Fair Trade Partners as they share about the magic of connecting women across the globe. 

Become a Fair Trade Partner in just 3 Steps


Start your business for just $199! Get $450 in Threads jewelry and accessories. Pick the Launch Kit that works for you. It’s so easy to get started!


We’ll set you up with your personal website, training, and the most incredible community on the planet (we may be a little biased). No experience needed.


Start your business. Earn up to 30% commission, discover opportunities to meet our Artisan Partners around the world, and connect with a global sisterhood. It’s that easy!

Start By Choosing Your Launch Kit

Inspire Launch Kit


Value: $450

What you get…

  • Approximately $450 worth of jewelry
  • Over $100 in business supplies including: Order Forms, Invitations, Wish Lists, Artisan Cards, Thank You Cards, Fair Trade Member sign, and 50 Look Books
  • Customized Website
  • Jump Start Training Workbook + Personal Coaching
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Impact Launch Kit


Value: $850

What you get…

  • Approximately $850 worth of jewelry
  • Over $100 in business supplies including: Order Forms, Invitations, Wish Lists, Artisan Cards, Thank You Cards, Fair Trade Member sign, and 50 Look Books
  • Customized Website
  • Jump Start Training Workbook + Personal Coaching
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Ignite Launch Kit


Value: $1,350

What you get…

  • Approximately $1,350 worth of jewelry
  • Over $100 in business supplies including: Order Forms, Invitations, Wish Lists, Artisan Cards, Thank You Cards, Fair Trade Member sign, and 50 Look Books
  • Customized Website
  • Jump Start Training Workbook + Personal Coaching
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Earning Back Your Investment

Earning back your investment during your 60-day Jump Start period is easy-peasy!

Start with the Impact Launch Kit for $399, which includes over $800 worth of jewelry and supplies. Hold 5 Showcases in your first 60 days to earn a projected $825 in commission*, plus $400 in jewelry credits through our Jump Start Rewards program.

That’s a 100+% return on your investment, plus tons of new products to add to your display to keep your business rocking!

*The earnings represented above are based on average Showcase sales and are not necessarily representative of the income a Fair Trade Partner can or will earn. There is no guarantee that a Fair Trade Partner will earn any income, and like any business, the success of each Fair Trade Partner depends on her unique skill set and how much time and effort she dedicates to her business.

Join us for GATHER 2020

GATHER with Fair Trade Partners from around the country, connect with the Threads Founders, hear from our Artisan Partners, and learn from our inspiring lineup of speakers and coaches.


Learn More from our Co-Founders, Kara & Angela

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“I never saw myself in direct sales, but Threads has changed my mind completely. I get to set my own schedule around my kids and husband. I have complete flexibility! If we need extra money, I have the capability to make it. My goal is to earn one big family trip a year!”

—Rachel Vigil, California Fair Trade Partner

“Everyone is so supportive, encouraging, and open-hearted. We brainstorm together for inspiration and we’re changing the world together. I feel good every night when I go to bed, and I wake up every morning excited. I feel like I can look my daughter in the eyes and be proud of the work I do.”

—Kate Sarton, Maine Fair Trade Partner

“I love being a Fair Trade Partner because I know I am part of something bigger than me, a growing community of women here in the states that are collectively impacting women on a global scale. How amazing is that?”

—Jen Parlin, Connecticut Fair Trade Partner

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have sales experience?2018-09-27T07:18:37+00:00

Not one bit! If you believe in our mission and you don’t mind hanging out with people from time to time, you’re already a natural. Whether the idea of sales is old-hat, exciting, or downright terrifying, we’ve got your back! We provide all the support and training you’ll need to step out of your comfort zone and create the business–and life–you dream of!

How much can I earn in commission?2018-09-27T07:19:44+00:00

Our Fair Trade Partners earn 20-30% in commission, depending on their overall monthly performance. You can also grow your Threads income by building and mentoring a team.

How much do I need to invest?2018-09-27T07:20:44+00:00

When you join as a Fair Trade Partner and select your Launch Kit ($199 – $599), you’ll receive everything you need to get started: product samples, business supplies, training and support, and a personal website. Plus, you’ll have multiple opportunities to earn free samples and business supplies during your 60-day Jump Start period and beyond. You can easily earn back your initial investment with just a few Showcases, and then it’s all gravy, baby!

Do I need to purchase inventory?2018-09-27T07:22:04+00:00

Nope! The samples in your Launch Kit are for you to wear and share at Showcases and, well, everywhere, actually. We house the inventory and take care of shipping your orders for you. Easy-peasy.

How often will I need to purchase new samples?2018-09-27T07:24:07+00:00

We introduce new collections every spring and fall, with a mix of classic and fresh pieces. Throughout the year, we offer multiple opportunities to earn jewelry credits and major discounts so that your ongoing investment is minimal.

Will I need to purchase additional marketing materials, like Look Books, order forms, and business cards?2018-09-27T07:27:38+00:00

Your Launch Kit will include Look Books, order forms, and Ambassador (hostess) materials for your first five Ambassadors. You can reorder many of those supplies through our website, and even earn them for free through our FTP Perks program. We also have an exclusive Threads Portal on VistaPrint where you can order business cards, Showcase invitations, and other branded materials at your discretion.

How many hours do I need to put in?2018-09-27T07:28:37+00:00

Oh, this is such a good question. We wish we could answer it. But, you see, it really does depend entirely on you. It depends on how much time you want to put in, and how much money you want to earn, and how much learning and growing you want to do with us, and how much time you even can put in. So maybe what you’re really wondering is: Do I have the time for this? And the answer to that one is easy: None of us have time for this! But we’re passionate and we’re committed, so we find the time anyway. Some of us find a few hours a month; some of us find a few hours a week; and some of us gave our other jobs the boot so we could make this our full-time passion. You do you, girl

Can I sell online only?2018-09-27T07:29:35+00:00

Can you? Sure. Will you make money doing it? Probably not. In-person Showcases are really where it’s at in this business. Gathering women together to connect, laugh, and inspire each while they try on beautiful, ethical accessories and talk about changing the world… that’s what we’re all about! Showcases are also your best way to maximize dollars per hour and meet new Ambassadors (hostesses) and potential team members. Your online store is meant to supplement your Showcase sales, not replace them.

What kind of training and support will I receive?2018-09-27T07:30:45+00:00

Oh, sister, we have so got you covered here. Your Upline will be your primary mentor as you launch and grow your business. Take all her suggestions and you’ll be set, okay? Home Office has your back too, though. Your Launch Kit includes a Jump Start Workbook and access to our online training site, Threads University, both of which offer you step-by-step instructions for jump-starting and maintaining your business. We also host live national training calls every week on Zoom, and our annual Sales Conference in Colorado every January. We don’t ever leave you out in the cold. Promise.

Is there a minimum I need to sell to remain a Fair Trade Partner?2018-09-27T07:31:45+00:00

Fair Trade Partners must sell a minimum of $500 every six months in order to stay active. If you take a six-month break and want to come back, you can purchase a new Launch Kit and dive right back in.

How do I earn a chance to visit Threads’ Artisan Partners?2018-09-27T07:33:19+00:00

Connecting our Fair Trade Partners with our Artisan Partners is for reals one of our favorite things. FTPs have the opportunity to earn group trips to visit our Artisan Partners every year. The qualifications vary from year to year and are announced annually at our Sales Conference in January. Our 2019 trip is to Bali, Indonesia!

If I live outside the U.S., can I be a Fair Trade Partner?2018-09-27T07:35:14+00:00

Our Fair Trade Partner opportunity is currently available only to U.S. residents. We do hope to one day build a global sales force. If you want to be first on the list in your country, let us know!

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