Unpolished in my office with a dress wrapped around my neck as a scarf because it’s so cold and I’m desperate.

Since about May I’ve been in a serious conversation looking at all of my unconscious biases. I grew up in an upper-middle-class-mostly-white town, went to a nice private university (Tufts) where there was a lot of diversity that I loved, and now live in a mostly white part of Denver.

Once I started noticing those thoughts that would go across my mind like ticker tape, I was embarrassed.. especially considering the work I do at Threads.

So, I started writing, but never thought anything sounded great or polished or all that insightful. And I realized that my need to sound wise and mature and transformed kept me from sharing anything.. and this whole thing is really a process. At the same time I’m battling the desire to sound wise – or not to sound stupid – I also know it’s fraudulent to only share when I finally get ‘there’ and have it ‘all together’. That’s what got us here – we got together with our marketing wiz, Christy, and came up with ‘our little corner of the web’ that we are calling Unpolished.

Here’s where I’m going to share insights I have that I already know will sounds silly by the time I post the next time.. and especially years from now looking back. But that’s the point – it’s an unpolished process.

Love, Ang

(do people sign blog posts?)