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Anything is possible TOGETHER

In the fall of 2017, I traveled to Central America with 15 Threads supporters—Ambassadors, staff, investors, and advisors—to visit our Artisan Partners in Guatemala. In Patulul, we gathered with a group

Threads Denver Roadshow

Threads Denver Roadshow We just spent an incredible weekend with our Fair Trade Partners, Ambassadors (hostesses), and customers in Denver, celebrating the launch of our new

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Journey with Threads Founders, Angela and Kara, as they share the “unpolished” experiences of building a fair-trade business, being a woman in the world today, and discovering the joys and turmoils of being a mom-entrepreneur.

The Unpolished Beginning

Unpolished in my office with a dress wrapped around my neck as a scarf because it's so cold and I'm desperate. Since about May I've been in a serious conversation looking at all

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