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Finding Her Voice

We live in an abundant world, yet almost half the world’s population still struggles to meet their most basic needs. That’s more than 3 billion people with gifts and talents and wisdom to contribute,

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Journey with Threads Founders, Angela and Kara, as they share the “unpolished” experiences of building a fair-trade business, being a woman in the world today, and discovering the joys and turmoils of being a mom-entrepreneur.

Speak Up

A few weeks ago, I was speaking on a panel at the Sheer Impact Conference. I was surrounded by smart and insightful changemakers ranging from politicians to social entrepreneurs. It was moderated by Debbie

Waiting for Hayes

Here's the lil guy I was waiting for! I didn’t know this before the birth of my son, Hayes, but I’ve been waiting for him my whole life. Like literally just waiting -

My New Business Partner

I absolutely love being a mom. All the things I thought would annoy me like getting someone else dressed, waiting for little legs to walk step.. by.. step.. up.. and.. down.. the stairs by

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