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Motherhood Around the World

Whether you live in Kenya or Kansas, some things will always be constant: flowers need sun and rain to grow, tides will change, and motherhood will never be easy. On the surface, our lives here in the U.S. look

It’s time for a Fashion Revolution

On April 23, 2013, workers in a factory in Rana Plaza, Bangladesh noticed a crack in the building in which they were working. They notified the building owner, who said it wasn’t a cause for concern. When employees expressed

Combatting the Wage Gap

When a woman takes a break from her career to be at home with her children or parents, the wage gap widens. Whether this decision is made with intention or out of extenuating circumstances, she’s signed an unspoken contract

Spring Style

It’s spring! That lovely season where Mother Nature can’t decide between rain and shine — but the days she chooses shine are oh-so-sweet. To get you through the dreary days, we’re here to help you accessorize for the sunny ones.

A Single Step

This month, we're celebrating the first step. You know, the scariest one of all. To help us get over the fear of beginning, we’ve invited Brit Stueven of The Break Changer to speak at our next Threads Connect Event. Brit recently moved back to Colorado

A Story of Sisterhood: Ellie Hughes

This Story of Sisterhood is written by Ellie Hughes of Selflessly Styled.  Photo by Madison Kay Photography Growing up, I had two basic perceptions of what a “sisterhood” looked like. The first was a convent full

A Story of Sisterhood: Francesca Willow

The second piece in our Stories of Sisterhood series is written by the ever-lovely Francesca Willow of Ethical Unicorn. I Carry Your Heart: Sisterhood Goes Beyond Boundaries They say you’re the average of your five closest

Guatemala Arm Party GIVEAWAY!

This May, we're inviting you to journey to Guatemala with us. You'll spend 5 transformative days meeting our Artisan Partners, immersing yourself in Guatemalan culture, and basking in the tranquil beauty of Lake Atitlán. We're so excited to visit our Artisan

A Story of Sisterhood: Ali Weeks

. Threads Worldwide was founded by sisters. Though Kara, Angela, and Lindsay are not related by blood, they represent sisterhood in its most raw, beautiful, powerful form. They make fun of each other, support one another, love on each

Spring Collection: Founders Favorites

Our Spring / Summer Collection 2017 is our biggest and most beautiful yet! Between spring colors, intricate designs, and Threads Exclusives, it’s safe to say we’re a little obsessed. Since our Founders handpicked each piece in the line,