One mission of Threads Worldwide is to foster a supportive and empowering community for women. Abroad, we do this by employing women in developing countries to make handmade jewelry, giving them a means of supporting themselves, their families, and their communities. In the States, we empower our Fair Trade Partners to build community and their own small business.

Sarah Schroeder, Taryn Schroeder (unrelated), and Stacey Stefanelli are three members of our Fair Trade Partner community. Though each Fair Trade Partner (FTP) is responsible for her own small business, we facilitate a supportive and collaborative community, allowing our FTPs to learn from one another and succeed together. We host annual conferences, such as our recent Dreams Conference, where we offer FTPs resources on how to grow their businesses. This also provides an opportunity for our marvelous FTPs to meet one another, trade ideas, and enrich existing relationships.

Threads Founder Lindsay Murphy with Fair Trade Partner Loralee

Sarah, Stacey, and Taryn come from unique backgrounds, but before becoming Fair Trade Partners, none of them were in sales. These women were drawn to work for Threads because of the mission and global impact. They wanted to support their families in a way that contributes to the global economy and empowers women working their way out of poverty.

Of course, they found this and so much more in their partnerships with Threads Worldwide. Working with Threads fosters their confidence and self-worth and helps them teach their children the importance of global connection.

FTPs at the Dream Conference wore gold thread around their wrists as a symbol of sisterhood

Stacey loves telling the artisans’ stories. She shares the impact Threads has had on these women, empowering them to pull themselves out of poverty and into a sustainable working life. In learning more about their stories, Stacey (and all of our wonderfully empathetic FTPs) becomes even more invested in her work. Our FTPs feel kinship with women and mothers working to better their families and communities, even from across the globe.

Threads Fair Trade Partner Stacey

Sarah, Stacey, and Taryn are also exemplary multi-tasking mamas (and in my opinion, everyday superwomen). They manage to juggle their family life with their Threads business, and even other full-time jobs — talk about role models!

Sarah, a mother of 3, teaches during the school year. In the summer, she is able to dedicate more of her time to her Threads business. She teaches her children by example the importance of having a global conscience.

Threads Fair Trade Partner Sarah

For Taryn, her work with Threads enabled her to leave her teaching job and prioritize her family. She says, “I’ve grown my Threads income to the point where I can leave my full-time teaching job and spend more time with my kids. And I’ve done all that while wearing gorgeous fair-trade jewelry and going to parties. How does it get any better than that?”

Threads Fair Trade Partner Taryn Schroeder

 We think the only way it gets better is by adding more members to our incredible team. If you’re interested in becoming a success story like Sarah, Stacey, and Taryn, you can learn more on our website. Feel free to contact us with any questions at [email protected]. And remember — don’t quit your day dream.