by Angela Melfi & Kara Valentine

Threads Worldwide Founders

Now → we trust.

Trust (v): to believe in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of.

When social distancing first became our reality – after we emerged from the immediate shock and panic of it all – we came together as a community and the word ‘trust’ became a beacon for us. It was time when the rubber was hitting the road and the only way forward was to trust in everything that has transpired up to this moment. 

We resolved to trust in ourselves – that we had developed ourselves to be the leaders our community needed during this time. We resolved to trust in our staff and our community – that we were surrounded by brilliant, heart-centered women that were committed to being powerful advocates for change during this scary time. We resolved to trust in our family values – that the answers could always be found within the values that we have touted as revolutionary and necessary to create a better world. We resolved to trust that our path would appear and it continues to do so day by day, moment by moment. 

We are using these ‘uncertain times’ to flex our creativity muscles because nothing squashes creativity quite like certainty! Without covid-19 we would not be prioritizing the elements of our business that we are currently. In this new era, we are prioritizing our website, online Showcases, online marketing, virtual connections, etc.  All things that were ‘important, but NOT now’ elements of our business. 

With a RESOLUTE AF attitude we will continue moving forward powerfully and with intention. We trust Threads will come out of this more resilient, more seasoned and stronger than ever. We don’t know exactly how it will look (remember, we do not wait for our path to appear!) but we trust that the light of our community will shine brighter than ever. 

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