“Mommy, sometimes when I’m in my bed at night at Daddy’s house, I close my eyes really hard and pretend you are still there.”

It’s been more than a year since I moved out, and although I believe in my bones that our kids are ultimately better off with parents who are able to live their most authentic, fulfilling lives (apart), I still struggle with feelings of guilt. When my 8-year-old shared her coping strategy of imagining I’m still there, I was overcome with sadness and despair. Heartbroken, I held her and cried and promised I am always holding her close.

Since then, I’ve begun to create connecting rituals with my kids that we can practice when we are away from one another. One ritual includes the Unirse and Juntamente bracelets from Guatemala, the anchors of our Together Collection. I wear the Unirse bracelet, which features a charm that reads “Together.” The girls wear the matching Juntamente bracelets with a charm featuring the Threads logo, a simple “t”.

I told the girls that these are our ‘together’ bracelets and no matter where we are in the world at that moment, we can look down, touch our bracelets and feel each other’s warmth. I told them about our Guatemalan Artisan Partners, who pour all of their love, light, and positive energy into the bracelets as they make them. I told them that even though life can feel scary and lonely and sad sometimes, that they are never alone—that there are women around the world (especially their mom!!) who are holding them close.

Our bracelets are now a tangible reminder that we are always together.

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