Honor Ourselves to Honor the World: Global transformation begins with inner transformation. We practice radical self-care as the key to being available and able to change the world.

Threads Family Value #2

Meet Loki, one of our Artisan Partners in India.

Loki was taken and sold into sex trafficking at a young age and had been separated from her family for 13 years. After leaving the sex industry, she joined an artisan cooperative in India, where she was provided with a community, an income, and services to help her heal from the trauma she had endured.

Although she was thrilled about the opportunity to start over with her cooperative, she was still troubled. She had always dreamed of reuniting with her family, and she knew that in order to truly honor herself and move forward, she had to try to find them. A few months ago, she did just that and set off to find her home village, using only her memory as her guide.

Having honored her dream of finding them, she could now honor the world by returning to her work at the cooperative and using her income to help support her brother and sister at home.

Loki’s story reminds us that honoring ourselves takes many forms and sometimes requires us to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. We are inspired by Loki’s courage, determination, and commitment to honoring her years-long dream of finding her family. She is a beautiful example of what’s possible when we honor ourselves to honor the world.   

This month we are celebrating the Honor Collection. Two of the pieces within the collection come from our Artisan Partners in India, the Mansar Scarf and the Tapi Bracelet.

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