We are creating life-changing work for women around the world through the fair trade of artisan jewelry and our Threads Sales Consultants lead the Threads Movement by launching their own businesses to show the world how to shop with heart. We sat down with our very first Threads Sales Consultant, Emily Valentine, to put another face on the Threads Movement, and showcase her inspiring story of actively participating in the fair trade movement by running her own Threads business!

1. Hi Emily! Thank you so much for taking time to chat with us! Why did you join the Threads Movement? 

 I joined Threads because my sister-in-law Kara is one of the co-founders.  Witnessing parts of the inception of Threads excited me for helping women artisans and also to participate in this amazing adventure alongside Kara. And getting to wear beautiful jewelry was just icing on the cake!
2. How long have you been a Threads Sales Consultant?
 I’ve been a Threads Sales Consultant since Fall of 2012.

3. You’ve been with us from the get-go! Thank you! What is your favorite thing about being involved with Threads? What excites you about Threads?

I love the global mission of supporting women artisans. More locally, I’m excited about our community of Threads Sales Consultants who are so supportive of each other’s goals and furthering the Threads Mission.

4. What does fair trade mean to you? 

It means healthy and viable communities around the world! I am motivated to purchase fair trade because it allows people to earn livable wages and keeps children in school and out of the workforce. I love that fair trade makes healthier families all around!

5.  What is your favorite piece of Threads jewelry?
My favorite pieces are our line of scarves. I love every one and always look forward to a new line launch for a new scarf! My everyday go item are the Zula Earrings.
6. What does Motherhood mean to you?

Motherhood to me is providing for my children in all ways that promote their healthy development. Part of that is taking care of myself and being an example to them through my activities and passions. Participating in the fair trade movement and Threads Movement allows artisan mothers to provide for their children and realize the dreams they have for their children. This is such a wonderful example for my children in how to make a positive impact in the world!

7. That’s beautiful! What advise would you give to women who are considering joining the Threads Movement and becoming a Threads Sales Consultant?
When I started as a Threads Sales Consultant,  I knew next to nothing about fair trade. My advise would be to educate yourself about fair trade principles and learn specifics about our Artisan Partners. It just seemed like an obvious choice once I learned about the impact Threads is making in the lives of our artisans.

8. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I’ve always dreamed of traveling to Europe and in the U.S., I’d love to visit Montana.

9.  Who is your biggest inspiration or what is currently inspiring you?

 My biggest inspiration is my family!

10. What are you currently reading? Anything good!?

Thank you Emily for taking time to chat with us! Your story is inspiring and thanks to your efforts and willingness, you’re helping create a world that trades fairly, eradicates poverty, and honors handcrafted over factory-made.

Have you ever thought about setting your own hours and being your own boss while doing life-changing work? Join the Threads Movement and earn a percentage of your sales, while providing opportunities for women around the world through the fair trade of artisan jewelry.