We are creating life-changing work for women around the world through the fair trade of artisan jewelry and our Threads Sales Consultants lead the Threads Movement by launching their own businesses to show the world how to shop with heart. We sat down with an up and coming Threads Sales Consultant, Sarah Schroeder, to put a face on the Threads Movement, and share her inspiring story of actively participating in the fair trade movement by running her own Threads business and being a mom.

1. Hi Sarah! Thank you so much for taking time to chat with us! Why did you join the Threads Movement? 

I joined the Threads Movement because I want to make a difference in the lives of our artisans and their families around the world. I want to share our beautiful fairly made jewelry and accessories here in the US and know that every time a sale is made that I have helped to make a difference in an artisan’s life and their larger community as well.

2. How long have you been a Threads Sales Consultant

I have been a Threads Sales Consultant for just over one year. 

3. What is your favorite thing about being involved with Threads? What excites you about Threads?

My favorite thing about being involved with Threads is the community and connection of women that I have met in fellow Threads Sales Consultants, as well as all of the customers I have met through Facebook parties and Threads Trunk Shows. In just one year of being involved in the Threads Movement, I have made so many new friendships! I love the social side of the business. The thing that excites me the most about Threads though is teaching customers about fair trade and why it is important to support fairly made products.

4. What does fair trade mean to you? 

Fair Trade means no child labor and fair wages for the artisans. Artisans are paid up front for their work. What grabs me the most about the fair trade movement is how by supporting fair trade you are not just supporting one artisan or one artisan group but their whole family and larger community with the one purchase. The larger effect of this empowering purchase is what motivates me as a sales consultant.

5.  What is your favorite piece of Threads jewelry?

My favorite piece of Threads Jewelry is the vibrant, colorful, Fresia Bracelet. This bracelet is the very first piece of Threads Jewelry gifted to me by fellow Threads Sales Consultant and college roommate Emily Valentine.  I wear it all the time and it always gets so many compliments! I love this bracelet and love all of the jewelry made from Tagua seeds by our Artisan Partners in Ecuador! I feel like I can wear this bracelet with so many of my outfits. It’s my go to piece of jewelry for sure!

6. We love our Tagua jewelry too! Sarah, you’re a mother to 3 beautiful children. What does Motherhood mean to you? And how do you balance being a mom and running your Threads business?

Motherhood means unconditional love.
It means hard work, long days and tears both happy and sad.
It means snuggles, kisses, and hugs so hard they hurt.
It means walking around with a small piece of your heart now holding your hand.
I love that I can balance my life of being a mom to three children with running my Threads Worldwide business. I can be home with my children, and still make our family some income each month. I love sharing our fairly made products with friends and customers and spreading the word about the importance of fair trade through Facebook parties and Threads Trunk Shows!

7. That’s beautiful! Your story of being a mom and running a business is inspiring!  What advice would you give to women who are considering joining the Threads Movement and becoming a Threads Sales Consultant?

The best piece of advice I can give to any prospective Threads Sales Consultant would be: Let the mission motivate you! If you want to make a difference and change the world than Threads is the direct sales business for you. Threads’ fairly made jewelry and accessories are gorgeous and knowing that each piece sold is making a difference for an artisan and their family keeps me going! The stories behind each piece, like the artisan women in Asia who are rescued from the sex trade and given a new opportunity at life, are meaningful and so motivating! You can wear the pieces on a daily basis and share your business with everyone! Get started by hosting an in-home Threads Trunk Show, sharing a global shopping experience with friends and family, and educating them on the power of their purchases.

8. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Peru! I would love to visit our Artisan Partners that handcraft our belts. 

9.  Who is your biggest inspiration or what is currently inspiring you? 

Teachers are inspiring! Before having my own kids I taught for 5 years in the Bay Area. I have been home with my kids and teaching on and off for the last 8 years.  Every time I return to the classroom I meet new teachers who are truly inspirational and hard working.  Teaching is such a wonderful, fulfilling, yet difficult, profession and I couldn’t do the job I do or be the teacher I am without the constant inspiration and support of my co-teachers and colleagues. I love hearing about some of our artisan partners using their earned income to return to school or invest in education for their children. 

10. Education is so important! We are always moved when we hear when our artisan partners are investing in education for themselves and their families. We have one last question for you before we head off, what are you reading these days? We’re bookworms at Threads Worldwide and are always looking for new reads!

I am currently reading Ruby by Cynthia Bond.

Thank you Sarah for taking time to chat with us! Your story is inspiring and thanks to your efforts and willingness, you’re helping create a world that trades fairly, eradicates poverty, and honors handcrafted over factory-made.

Have you ever thought about setting your own hours and being your own boss while doing life-changing work? Join the Threads Movement and earn a percentage of your sales, while providing opportunities for women around the world through the fair trade of artisan jewelry.