Imagine a woman in India who has been sold and then forced into prostitution. Even if she manages to escape, she likely has no other options for her future. She has no job skills and has been robbed of her dignity and pride. She will likely return to the sex trade out of desperation.

Our Artisan Partners in India are working hard to interrupt this cycle by training survivors of gender violence in jewelry-making, paying them a liveable wage, and connecting them to a supportive community of sister artisans. Through their new line of work, these survivors have the chance to be forever free—free to earn a living, free to dream, and free to be loved, respected, and seen for who they truly are.


Not only are these warrior women rewriting their futures through jewelry making, their specialty is metal-work, a trade traditionally dominated by men in India. One of our favorites made by this group is the enchanting Kolleru Necklace from our Seen Collection.

The unconventional clasp doubles as an accent on this lovely piece, perfect for layering. You can wear it as a necklace or wrap as a bracelet.

We’re proud to help provide a marketplace for these women and we know that, heartbreakingly, there are even more like them still waiting for the chance to be forever free. Fatma and Nigar are just two of the many women waiting. We know that the only thing standing between them and a new future is another possibility for sustainable work.

This is why we’re so committed to our work at Threads. The growth of our team in the United States directly impacts the opportunities for women to create a new life and be forever free in countries like India and Bolivia. As more women say yes to building a fair future for all by hosting, shopping, and joining our team of Fair Trade Partners we get to give Fatma and Nigar another future.

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