Marla and her daughter Rocio

Marla is the leader of a women’s cooperative in Guatemala that creates some of our most popular bracelets like the Lleno, Paz, and Cortez to name a few. When we last visited with Marla we learned that if a woman arrives at work at the cooperative and she is upset or angry that Marla will send her home for the day. 


Marla says (loose translation): ‘We are sending these bracelets out into the world and we want to send them out with love and joy. If you are in a bad mood, we don’t want that energy spreading around the world.’


This inspired us to be conscious of the energy we’re spreading and shared this with the Fair Trade Partners and our Home Office staff. 


Michelle, VP of Operations, activates the shipping run each day and I’ve seen her pass Marla’s torch by sending love notes to the fulfillment team to:


Mandi (left) and Michelle from Home Office

  • Give it a little cuddle from me before you send it off!
  • Put a little extra love into this – she’s having a life chapter transition and could use a little extra something something 🙂


When Michelle is sending money out into the world to pay bills, she says, ‘remember ALL that we’ve been able to pay and accomplish… Each thing I pay I give gratitude for the money blessings we’ve been given and the opportunities to meet our pay commitments.’


With each Threads Worldwide package, know that we’re carefully ushering love, joy, and gratitude from all over the world! 


Please continue to pass this torch wherever your life takes you!