Anjana lives in the Badarpur community of Delhi, India with her husband and two teenage daughters. It’s been nearly a decade since she and her family migrated from Bengal to Delhi in search of a better life. She found what she was looking for when she joined a fair trade cooperative and began working as an artisan.

Anjana says that before finding work as an artisan, “I was not happy with my situation.  I always wanted to become independent and do something productive. I am thankful to Fair Trade, as it showed me the new direction.  It made me more aware as women and know that we all are equal. I am happy as we meet fellow women. We share our lives and also work together.  I like to work on different designs. It gives us fair income so I can support my family. I could not study myself but now I help my daughters to continue their school, go higher levels and become self dependent. There are many crimes against women.  Thanks to [our Fair Trade cooperative], that now they also attend the self defense classes and are supported through sponsorship program to continue their education.

“Life is better now. Thanks to Fair Trade…  It has made us confident and self dependent. I feel I have my identity and dignity. Often the life of women is very limited in our society due to social norms. We are happy that [our Fair Trade cooperative] helped us to become self dependent and also that we can earn our own income and I am able to help my family, especially my daughters.

“My dream is to see my daughters getting better education, become confident and self dependent. Gender equality and self respect is important for everybody. I want that women should not be dependent on their families but become stronger and independent.”

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