by Kate Dayton

Fair Trade Partner in Colorado

When I was first asked to write about how my Threads business has put me in touch with my own immeasurable and infinite contribution and value, I thought: Wow!! And then, Whoa. Whoa, because I wondered what could I possibly contribute?!

Since becoming a Fair Trade Partner 7 months ago, I have experienced so much more than I ever could have imagined. I first learned about Threads a little over a year ago, through my friend Andrea, and couldn’t stop thinking about what an amazing “thing” Threads is doing. Fast forward through hosting my own Showcase, and learning that my other friend Min had also become a Fair Trade Partner, I was equally in awe and wondered if this was something I could do as well?

I am a Physical Therapist by trade. I have always loved to help…whether it’s for my family, my friends, or others in need, my passion has always been to help when I can. My husband and I have been fortunate to have a wonderful family of our own, that I am grateful for my time with, being able to stay at home and take care of them. With our growing family, my helping others has primarily been for our children, at home and at their schools, and less with others in need at the hospital, or around the world. I constantly had at the back of my mind, how else can I do this, to care for my family but equally help others? Thinking about Andrea, Min, and their partnership with Threads, I often wondered, is this something I could partner with as well, and possibly contribute in helping others? But at the same time, wondering how could I possibly contribute to something so incredible; this is something so important, but so different for me and my passion for Physical Therapy, would I really have a role?

I am so grateful for the Threads Family Values, without which, my Whoa may never have turned back to a Wow! Realizing how important it is for us all to help each other, that we are all in this together and can make an impact with our individual qualities working together, was what made me realize, Threads is what I have been looking for to continue to fill my need to “help”, and that Yes I can do this! My unique and individual ways can help contribute to a better world…for my family, my friends, for women around the world, just wanting to make a difference, even when they feel they might not have what it takes. I am grateful for everyone I have met through Threads so far, everyone is unique and inspiring and there to help remind me every day, yes I do have a role, we all have a vital role and our contributions, no matter how big or small, are immeasurable. 

We are all Equal Partners; from all my fellow Fair Trade Partners, to our incredible cofounders, Kara and Angela, who are right there with the rest of us, every day, as is everyone at Home Office, to our amazing Artisan Partners around the world, and of course, all of our customers and every individual who supports this wonderful and important mission. It is an incredible feeling to know we are all connected, and all in this together, helping to make an immeasurable impact.

We are currently in very uncertain times. I am thankful for the peace my Threads Community brings to me everyday, knowing we are here for each other and will get through this together. I am also thankful for my family’s role in this Equal Partnership. They have supported my passion for self growth with Threads, and have even contributed their own interest. My son’s favorite piece is the (now retired) Igual bracelet. It is a simple blue thread with a metal charm that reads “Equals”, and he wears it most days…a simple, but beautiful reminder, we are all in this together, we are all Equal Partners.

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