I am madly in love with the Honradez necklace, the anchor piece from our Honor Collection, made by our Artisan Partners in Guatemala. Every time I put the necklace on, I’m transported back to Guatemala where I sat alongside our Partners designing this beautiful representation of our family value to Honor Ourselves to Honor the World.

Honradez is the Spanish word for honesty, honor and integrity, making it the perfect name for this necklace. We created it with intention, selecting glass beads as a reflection of our inner light and the whimsical tassel to remind us to stay playful. Finally, the necklace’s weight is a constant reminder to begin our change-making exactly where we are: honor ourselves first and always, and let the world join us in reaping the rewards.

In Guatemala, our Partners honor themselves by dreaming BIG dreams and surrounding themselves with people who help make their dreams come true. Now, they are changing the conversation about what girls and women are capable of, and in turn, transforming their communities. Their courage reminds us again and again that when we honor ourselves and our dreams, everyone benefits.

What dreams will you honor today?

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