To enter the workshop and home of one of our Artisan Partners in Guatemala, we crossed a threshold engraved with “Dreams Come True”, which was accompanied by handprints of each Artisan.

This group’s training begins by asking the women to speak of their dreams, and then draw an image of the future they want to live. The women are so undervalued in their community that they are not accustomed to being heard, so this training is crucial in exercising each voice, value, and choice.

Most of the women dream of the autonomy that comes with a new home, where they can live with their husband and children and not with their husband’s parents. They dream simply of independence and a house of their own.

The training begins with the women talking of their dreams so they learn to call on their visions and goals when social pressures might otherwise pull them away.  While interviewing Santos, the leader of the group, she said through our translator:

“It is sometimes very hard, sometimes my child is sick and I have to travel to the city. It is hard, but these are my women, and I have to fight for my women and their dreams. I have to be brave… Now we have an income and that is making a huge difference.  We have to try not to look back.  When we look back, we crumble. I tell my husband, we have to just look forward. We have to fight for our dreams.”

We are honored to help them fight for their dreams.