We just unveiled 10 new (and gorgeous!) Fall/Winter Collections inspired by the Threads Family Values—our declarations of who we are and what we stand for here at Threads.

These values emerged over time as we noticed the community of dynamic women gathering around us and what extraordinary attributes they brought with them. Not only do the values describe our community, they also call on each of us to learn, to grow, and to become greater versions of ourselves as we strive to embody each value in all aspects of our lives.

We’d like to introduce you to a few of the remarkable women across the globe who inspired the Threads Family Values and who continue to inspire us every day. It’s time for you to meet the family!

Lori – Fair Trade Partner (Florida)

“I love being a Fair Trade Partner because I get to work on behalf of mama entrepreneurs in other countries who want the same things for their families that I want for my own and together we are realizing our dreams!”

Lori’s favorite new piece is the Audaz Necklace from the Seen Collection.

Maria – Founder of Artisan Partner Group (Guatemala) 

“I’m looking at what’s happening [in Central America] and it’s like, ‘what do we do?’ We can’t change everything, but we can do everything to change one thing and that’s why we’re here.”

Maria founded the artisan group that hand-weaves items like the bold Audaz Necklace and the daring Atrevido Necklace/Bracelet.

Erin – Fair Trade Partner (Illinois) 

“I love that being a Fair Trade Partner allows me to dream big.  I love that my work matters, it allows me to use my gifts to create community, and it will ultimately provide greater flexibility and income for my family to thrive.”

Erin’s favorite new piece is the Arua Necklace from the Kindness Collection.

Kayce – Ambassador (Florida) 

“I love that Threads allows me to have an impact on helping women worldwide. With my busy schedule as a high school teacher I sometimes find it hard to branch out and help others. Hosting allows me the opportunity to have friends over to share the Threads mission with and to have some fun.”

Kayce loves our bullet casing jewelry from Ethiopia, like the new Sor Necklace from the Right Now Collection.

Marisela – Artisan Partner (Ecuador) 

“Since I started working in this workshop, it’s been really great for my family. I can help pay for the education of my kids, but I can also still spend time with them. I really like this work. I feel really happy… My message for the people who buy our products is please appreciate our work which is made by our hands. Everything we do here, we do with so much love for all of you.”

Marisela is part of the team that handcrafted the Alegria Necklace for our Joy Collection

Virginia – Fair Trade Partner (California) 

“I love knowing that each story I share, each party I have, and each piece of jewelry I sell, I am spreading awareness of the global issues of unsafe work conditions, human and sex trafficking, unfair wages and slavery. Through being a Fair Trade Partner I am able to bring hope for a brighter future, by showing people there are options that do good, look good, and make you feel good.”

Virginia’s favorite new item is the Musi Necklace from the Equals Collection.

Vicki – Ambassador (Colorado) 

“It makes me so happy to host a Threads Showcase as I love to entertain and get my gal pals together who may or may not know each other.  It’s fun to watch everyone enjoying themselves while ooo-ing and ahhh-ing at all the wonderful items made with love by our fellow sisters in other countries.  New friendships have evolved from my 2 showcases and I look forward to hosting many more.”

Vicki’s favorite 2019 piece is the Thol Necklace from the Gratitude Collection.

Thank you for being part of our family, too!

We hope you love the new Collections!

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