This holiday season, we invite you to #chooseartisan and give gifts as unforgettable as the women in your life. Our artisan-made, Threads Family Values-inspired collections offer the perfect opportunity to gift designer jewelry to your loved ones that captures the essence of who they are and what they mean to you.

For the woman who knows that collaboration trumps competition every time:

Unirse Bracelet/Necklace from our TOGETHER Collection

She can wrap it as a bracelet, or wear it long as a necklace. ‘Unirse’ means ‘come together’ and has a simple reminder that we are all in this together with a stamp reading ‘together’!

Juhu Earrings from our TOGETHER Collection

These earrings catch the light with a sophisticated, yet edgy feel. They are the perfect accompaniment to our ever-popular Juhu Wrap Bracelet.

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For the woman who always gives to others and needs a reminder to honor herself, too:

Honradez Necklace from our HONOR Collection

‘Honradez’ meaning ‘honor’ and ‘integrity’ is the foundation of our Honor Collection. The whimsical tassel will encourage her to stay playful, while the necklace’s weight is a constant reminder to begin her change-making exactly where she is: honor herself first and always, and let the world join her in reaping the rewards.

Bara Studs from our HONOR Collection

Named after the Bara Mountain in Vietnam, these soft-hued earrings are made from discarded bull horn that is upcycled from local stock yards and set in a brass frame. Due to the organic materials used no two pieces will be exactly alike, honoring her unique look!

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For the woman who’s been waiting for the “perfect” time to follow her dreams; let her know that RIGHT NOW is the time!

Tiempo Bracelet from our RIGHT NOW Collection

She’ll love this dreamy, yet bold bracelet in gold, cream, gray, and rose gold. A RIGHT NOW charm offers a gentle reminder to carpe that diem, even when she doesn’t feel ready.

Sor Necklace from our RIGHT NOW Collection

There’s no better time than NOW to take something tragic and turn it into something beautiful. Our partners in Ethiopia have done just that with this gorgeous three-toned necklace made from bullet casings and other recycled metals. She can wrap it once, twice, or not at all for the look that suits her best on any given day.

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For the woman who stands for equality and inspires others to do the same:

Ivon Wristlet from our EQUALS Collection

This wool wristlet in warm fall colors is hand-sewn by women in Bolivia who have left the sex trade. She’ll love knowing that this gift is giving women a new chance to build a fair future for themselves and their families.

Daalee Necklace from our EQUALS Collection

As part of our Equals Collection, this striking necklace features a gold-toned tree branch as a reminder that sometimes partnership requires the courage to go out on the skinny branches.

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For the woman who makes your world a more abundant, joyful place:

Hermana Bracelet from our ABUNDANCE Collection

Rich brown leather, deep turquoise, and brilliant gold come together in this abundantly gorgeous bracelet. It will bring an edgy-yet-classic accent to any look.

Divar Earrings – Teal from our ABUNDANCE Collection

She’ll swoon for these lively and colorful hoops! These unique earrings will stand out against any hair color. They’re sturdy, bold, and surprisingly lightweight.

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For the woman who dares you to see new possibilities:

Sumpango Earrings from our DARE Collection

We love the mixed metals in our Dare Collection, and these textured earrings in silver- and gold-toned brass are versatile enough to wear with every outfit. She’ll feel daring and bold every time she wears them! For options on body pieces visit a Body Piercing Jewellery Suppliers store.

Atrevido Necklace/Bracelet from our DARE Collection

‘Atrevido’ means ‘bold’ or ‘to be dared’, making it the perfect name for this eye-catching addition to our Dare Collection. It has 3 removable charms, including one that says ‘dare’—a simple prompt to remind her to be daring! Wrap as a bracelet, or wear long as a necklace.

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For the woman who always makes you feel seen (or the one who needs a reminder that she too is seen):

Visto Bracelet from our SEEN Collection

‘Visto’ loosely translates to ‘be seen’. Let this bold and funky bracelet be a memento of the gift she’s always given you: the gift of being seen and loved exactly as you are.

Audaz Necklace from our SEEN Collection

Does she whisper instead of shout? Does she wait until everyone speaks before sharing her opinions? Gift our Audaz Necklace, meaning ‘Bold Necklace’, to remind her to speak up for herself—and others!

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Happy Holidays!

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