If you are anything like us, you have been devastated by the recent news coming out of the human trafficking sting in Florida. Men who are idolized by millions have been exploiting women to serve their own needs. Although the human trafficking problem is huge and scary and may seem beyond our sphere of influence, there are things that we can do right now to confront it and create a future where this pernicious practice no longer exists.

At Threads, we offer women the opportunity to earn a livable wage making jewelry and accessories. This is a true lifeline for women trapped in the sex trade. Imagine, for a moment, a woman who has been sold into prostitution. Even if she manages to escape, she has no other options for her future. She has no skills; she has no sense of dignity or pride. She will likely return to the sex trade.

Threads, and the artisan groups we partner with, offer her another way. She learns an artisan trade, she gets paid fairly for it, she has a restored sense of hope and dignity, and she is now part of a community of women who understand what she’s been through. Her future has been forever altered.

This month, we are featuring our Silala Tote as a gift to our Ambassadors who hold showcases over $1200. The Silala Tote is made by women in Bolivia who have left prostitution for a new life with dignified work as an artisan. This bag is gorgeous and has quickly become one of my favorite new pieces. Made from upcycled suede, the Silala Tote is the perfect everyday bag. Your purchase of this bag makes it possible for our Artisan Partners to leave a life of exploitation, learn marketable skills, and be surrounded by a community of supportive women. 

There are women around the world who need our partnership right now so that they can escape the cycle of poverty and exploitation. We do have the opportunity to be part of the solution but we need to be in action right now.

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