Every piece at Threads has been touched and crafted by the hands of a woman—a woman with dreams and aspirations that her work as an artisan gives her an unprecedented opportunity to pursue. We’d like to introduce you to a few of the remarkable women whose dreams are being fulfilled and expanded thanks to your Threads purchases. Every time you wear Threads, remember and share their stories, knowing that they are your global sisters, your fellow dreamers, and your partners in building a better world.

Marla (Guatemala)

She recently finished adding a second floor to her home, providing additional rooms for her family. Her dream to see her daughters educated is fully underway: Rocio will finish her teaching degree in November and Wendi is in high school.

Alejandra (Guatemala) 

“I now have my own house. I bought land and built my own place for me and my family.” Her daughter is also nearly done with her university studies and will soon receive a professional diploma and become a teacher.

Evaline (Uganda) 

She took in two neighborhood children after their mother died and is covering school fees for them and her own four children. She also paid for her husband to learn electrical work and they are now saving to buy a large plot of land to build three houses on: one to live in and two to rent out.

Karyawati (Indonesia) 

Her earnings have allowed her to renovate her family’s house compound, including the addition of a beautiful family shrine, the most sacred area of a traditional Balinese house compound. She now dreams of seeing both her daughters graduate from college.

Sofiya (India) 

She helps care for her family and has improved their home by adding a water meter that brings tap water into the house. She dreams of owning her own workshop, providing work and empowerment to girls who are unable to attend school because of their economic situation.

Lourdes (Ecuador) 

She had been making handicrafts all her life, but was unemployed before finding our Artisan Partner cooperative. Not only does this work help her support her two young children, she loves making jewelry! Her next dream is to open her own store where she can sell handmade clothing.

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