Project Description

Our Artisan Partners in Bali, an island in Indonesia, earn a fair wage for their intricate work with metals.

In Bali, silversmithing is a very popular skill, but few artisans are paid fairly because the demand is so high. Tourists drive up the cost of silver, but little makes it into the silversmiths’ pockets — most is taken by the middlemen running large factories. Through a fair trade cooperative in Bali, artisans are not only paid fairly, but they have access to life-changing services including soft loans, sanitary plumbing, farming support, and even access to cows that help agriculture thrive.

What We Love

Through their cooperative, our Artisan Partners in Indonesia gain access to services that provide soft loans, sanitary plumbing, farming support, and access to resources that help agriculture thrive.

Karyawati’s Story

We met Karyawati during an artisan visit to Bali in April 2019. With access to a sustainable income through making jewelry, she has been able to renovate her family’s house compound, including upgrading to proper plumbing and adding a beautiful family shrine, the most sacred area of a traditional Balinese house compound. Her income also allowed her to adopt a beautiful little girl named Intan when Intan’s birth mother was unable to care for her. Karywati also has a daughter in college and dreams of seeing both her girls graduate.

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