by Jessica George

Fair Trade Partner in Colorado
Apart from a quick stint wearing over-the-top earrings in the early ’80s and a ring my grandmother passed down to me, I’ve never worn any jewelry. It wasn’t that I just didn’t think to do it, I’d actually feel uncomfortable any time I’d try on a necklace or earrings; no matter the ‘flare’ it just wasn’t for me.

Jessica, modeling some of our very first Threads products.

And anyway, I long ago decided to stop being part of the consumptive society that is the United States and only buy things that are used, so it was easiest that I didn’t like jewelry. I wanted to contribute as little as possible to what ends up in a landfill, and I wanted to vote with my dollar by NOT purchasing items that are made with unfair labor practices, so avoiding jewelry made sense.

But I could definitely get on board with socially responsible businesses. Thus, I was thrilled that my best friends were starting Threads Worldwide, considering not only consumption and labor, but creating opportunity for women around the world. I was honored to ‘model’ the jewelry in their very first Look Book, even if I did feel weird wearing everything they put on me. I wanted to support this important work, so I even started wearing the jewelry around town, and hosting the occasional Threads Showcase.

My distaste of wearing jewelry was increasingly waning, so I purchased more and more of it (Threads ONLY, of course), and would host at least one if not two Showcases a year. But is wasn’t until I ‘modeled’ once again for their ‘Brighter World’ Look Book that I realized it was time to take the leap. Why had I never considered becoming a Fair Trade Partner?

Jessica, modeling the Right Now Collection for our Spring 2020 Look Book

I purposefully choose the ‘Right Now’ collection to wear in the shoot because the time for action is NOW and I was tired of ‘waiting to be ready’…a theme in my life. Threads is a conduit for talking about two of the things that matter most to me, sustainability and fair-trade, and it finally hit me that I can have an exponentially greater impact by spreading the word through Threads than merely living my values in my own little bubble.
Every voice that shares this work brings us one step closer to a more just and equitable world. So often, change is hindered simply because people aren’t in the conversation. What woman wouldn’t want to make a positive difference through their purchasing if they knew it was an option?? I’m ready to share this conversation and get others to join me in creating a better future for us all.

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