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Why Host?
(Spoiler alert: They’re really fun!)

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How Can I Host?!

On average, every Threads Gathering creates an entire week of life-changing work! Gather your people online or in-person to create work with women from India to Ecuador to Indonesia.

Host a Virtual Threads Gathering

Gather your friends online for 30 minutes of fair trade fashion on zoom, or, gather your friends where they already are: on their phone for a Text Gathering.

We’ll give you a simple text to invite your friends – those who say YES are included and given digital catalogs to scroll and shop on their own time!

Host an in-person Threads Gathering

Invite your friends and family for a Threads Gathering in your home, office, or other community center.

Your Threads Socialpreneur will give you everything you need for a successful event making it simple for you to create life-changing work.

Schedule a Threads Gathering

Host Rewards

When your friends shop fair at your Threads Gathering, you earn free and half-price jewelry!

*To qualify for Hosting Rewards, Threads Gathering must have at least two unique guest orders. Gathering total is calculated before tax and shipping. Jewelry credits may not be used to purchase half-priced items. All half-priced items must be purchased at the same time and cannot be saved. Host is responsible for sales tax and fees.
Schedule a Threads Gathering

Hear from Hosts

“I was nervous about hosting; I didn’t want anyone to feel pressure to purchase. Kate, my Threads Socialpreneur, had such a beautiful way of sharing the mission of Threads without any pressure. The Gathering was a huge success and people got to experience gorgeous well-priced items made with such love by women all over the world. Kate also made the logistics of hosting so easy!”

—Liz, Threads Host in Colorado

“Hosting a virtual Threads Gathering was so simple and fun! It was great to connect with friends, while knowing I was also supporting women around the globe.”

—Taylor, Threads Host in Connecticut

“Hosting a Threads Gathering was so easy and fun! I enjoyed being able to see the pieces live through Facebook and ask detailed questions. Everything I earned by hosting was even more beautiful in person!”

— Lisa, Threads Host in Arizona

Mission & Impact

You’re creating life-changing work and connection with women around the world through the fair trade of artisan jewelry.

Learn About Your Impact

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at a Threads Gathering?2023-03-27T09:57:17-06:00

So. Much. Fun. A Threads Gathering is all about style, connection, and impact… what’s more fun than that?! Your Threads Socialpreneur will display fair trade, hand-crafted items from around the world, share the talent of our Artisan Partners, and offer style tips to your guests. Your friends and family will have a wonderful time trying on new looks, connecting with a local and global sisterhood, and knowing that anything they purchase is creating life-changing work all over the world. Did you know that, on average, every Gathering creates an entire week of work with our partners!?

What materials are provided?2023-03-27T10:38:45-06:00

Your Socialpreneur will provide you a Host Planner (your step-by-step guide to a stellar Gathering), postcard invitations to mail or pass out to your guest list, and will send you sample emails and texts you can customize.

How much food should I serve?2018-09-18T15:23:34-06:00

We know you want to wow your guests with the latest gourmet appetizer recipes from Epicurious, but we’re going to ask you to slow your roll and keep it simple. Like, really simple. We want the focus to be on the jewelry and our Artisan Partners, so the simpler, the better! Cheese and fruit or veggies and dip work great! Include a bottle of wine (or not, if alcohol’s not your jam!) and some sparkling water, and you’re all set! (And see all that culinary stress we just saved you?! You’re so welcome.)

Will I get to see the entire collection at my Gathering?2022-02-06T00:18:53-06:00

Maybe. Your Threads Socialpreneur will bring her unique selection of Threads jewelry, which may or may not include the entire collection. If not all items are shown, she will have photos and information for the additional pieces. Your guests can order anything in the line, even if it’s not displayed at the Gathering.

If some of my friends can’t come, can they still order?2022-02-06T00:19:39-06:00

Yes! You will have an exclusive shopping link to share with anyone who is unable to attend or to send to out-of-town friends and family. Any orders placed through that link will be included in your Gathering total and Host Rewards.

How do I prepare for my Gathering?2022-02-06T00:20:16-06:00

The more the merrier. Invite as many people as you can because some won’t be available and some will cancel last minute (just being honest). For in-person, have a spot available close to the food for the jewelry and for online, make sure you’re engaging in posts and sharing your excitement wherever you can!

How much can I earn in Host Rewards?2022-02-06T00:21:14-06:00

You’ll earn a percentage of Gathering sales in jewelry credits, plus the option to buy items at half price. The more people you have at your Gathering, the more potential you’ll have to go on a major shopping spree with your rewards.

I just hosted a few months ago. Is it too soon to host again?2022-02-06T00:22:37-06:00

Of course not! Your previous guests surely have more items on their wish lists and there are probably more than a few people who were disappointed they couldn’t make it to your last Gathering. Plus, we launch new collections 2-4 times/year, so your Gatherings always stay fresh!

Can I still host if I don’t know a Threads Socialpreneur?2022-02-06T00:23:17-06:00

Absolutely! Contact us and we’ll work it out with you!

What if there’s no Threads Socialpreneur near me?2022-02-06T00:17:53-06:00

Well, it sounds like the perfect opportunity for you to launch Threads in your area! Join as a Threads Socialpreneur and you’ll be the one earning commission from Gatherings in your area.

How far in advance should I schedule my Gathering?2022-02-06T00:16:14-06:00

The sooner the better! If you’re excited now, then now’s the time! Your friends and family will hear your excitement and be glad your Gathering is happening soon so they can shop the Threads collection of fair trade accessories now, not later.

Should I host or get started?2022-02-06T00:15:11-06:00

If you know you want to start a Threads business – go for it! If you’re on the fence, we recommend hosting a Gathering first so you can experience what we do first hand.

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