Host an Artisan Showcase to share fair trade jewelry with your friends and family. When you host a qualifying Showcase*, we’ll gift you something special!

Contact your local Fair Trade Partner to get on her calendar. 


*qualifying Showcase = sells $600 or more

Our Fair Trade Partners sell our unique jewelry and accessories and tell the stories of our Artisan Partners at Showcases. We call the generous women who host these gatherings Ambassadors — and you can be one of them! To host a Showcase, reach out to your local Fair Trade Partner. Don’t have a Fair Trade Partner? We’d love to help with that!

Become an Ambassador and show your community how to shop with heart!



How to Host an Artisan Showcase

When you host an Artisan Showcase, you directly contribute to the creation of life-changing work around the globe. You help women from Kenya to Ecuador make their dreams a reality: dreams of sending their children to school, accessing healthcare, and making their homes safer. 

It’s an easy and fun way to connect to your global sisterhood.

Gather your Friends

Gather your friends for an evening of fair trade fashion and inspiring conversation. Invite your guests to enjoy some fair trade chocolate or wine for a girl’s night all grown up.

Style with Heart

Your Fair Trade Partner will do the rest! She’ll set up a beautiful display and help style your guests in our distinctive jewelry and accessories. Don’t forget to let her style you, too!

Make a Difference

You can feel great knowing you helped create life-changing work and spread awareness of how powerful it is to shop fair — all while having a party and earning gorgeous jewelry!

Connect with a Fair Trade Partner

Ambassador Rewards

When you gather your friends at an Artisan Showcase, you earn free and half-price jewelry! It’s our little way of saying thanks for helping us change the world.

Showcase Total

  • Less than $300
  • $300+
  • $500+
  • $800+
  • $1000+
  • $1200+

Jewelry Credits

  • None
  • 10% of sales
  • 15% of sales
  • 15% of sales
  • 15% of sales
  • 20% of sales

Half Off Items

  • 1 item
  • 1 item
  • 2 items
  • 3 items
  • 4 items
  • 4 items

To qualify for Ambassador Rewards, Showcase must have at least two unique guest orders. Showcase total is calculated before tax and shipping. Jewelry credits may not be used to purchase half-priced items. All half-priced items must be purchased at the same time and cannot be saved. Ambassador is responsible for sales tax and fees.

Hear from an Ambassador

We wouldn’t be here without the generous women who host Threads Showcases. Hear how this Threads Ambassador found her place in our community.

Meet Amy Carveth

Through her church and family life, Amy has been active in a child sponsorship program. Her involvement with this organization sparked her desire to do more.

When she attended a Showcase last year, Amy fell in love with Threads’ jewelry and mission to create life-changing work, and knew she wanted to be involved. She’s hosted two Showcases since meeting her local Fair Trade Partner, and plans to host again this year!

Amy loves wearing her Threads jewelry around town. When she is complimented on a piece, she feels honored to tell the stories of the artisans who crafted it.

“Threads is aligned with the passion I have for our global responsibility.”

Threads Worldwide - Founders

“We’re reinventing the way you shop! Let’s face it: it’s hard to shop with conscience. Not many companies are transparent about how their products are made or their impact on the world. For far too long, most of us have accepted it because we didn’t know of a better choice, but now it’s time for a change. At Artisan Showcases, women come together to empower their sisters around the world. Homes and coffee shops become global markets full of style and inspiration.”

Join us in changing the way the world shops.