GATHER with us in 2021! Become a Fair Trade Partner.

We won’t let Covid keep us from delivering the magic of our annual GATHER conference for Fair Trade Partners. We’re taking this party online! GATHER virtually with Fair Trade Partners from around the country, connect with the Threads Founders, hear from our Artisan Partners, and learn from our inspiring lineup of speakers and coaches.

GATHER with us in 2021. Become a Fair Trade Partner


Extraordinary Connection

“I loved getting to connect with the other Fair Trade Partners. It was very powerful to feel connected to so many amazing women and see how together we can change the world!”

— Jeanette Havansek (Illinois)

“I was brand new when I attended conference so meeting other Fair Trade Partners around the US was really special. Being a part of this community of like-minded women has been so beneficial to me personally and professionally.”

— Lori Womack (Florida)

World Class Business Training

“Before Threads, I never would have seen myself in sales (I’m a behavioral health scientist)! Conference was such an amazing weekend of growth for me and my Threads business. The training, activities, and events were comprehensive and engaging, yet still digestible, super useful, and practical to implement. It gave me the confidence to push myself outside of my research comfort zone, reframe a lot of my self-doubt, and learn how to leverage my strengths to build my business.” 

— Anna Veluz-Wilkins (Illinois)

“Conference was a game-changer for me professionally. While the conference is condensed into a quick (and convenient) weekend, it is endlessly full in its offerings. I came away with so many practical, easy-to-implement strategies for growing my business.”

— Christine Winebrenner Irick (Colorado)

Inspiration & Personal Growth

“I was surprised by how much Conference impacted me personally. The overwhelming feeling of acceptance and belonging was a gift and one that I didn’t even know I was missing. Because of the practice of authenticity over perfection that is not only said but displayed in every facet of the weave that is Threads I felt as if I became whole again.”

— Lisa Ali (Colorado)

“Talk about inspiration! GATHER was such an opportunity to learn from each other, spark joy, and hear how our work truly impacts others’ lives. It inspired me to get more active in my business, to overcome my “disease to please,” and learn to say “no” and hear “no” in a way I wasn’t able to before. It’s been a game-changer.”

— Erin Attere (Illinois)

Abundant Joy

“Loved this experience! One of the first conferences I’ve been excited about the whole time and didn’t want it to end! It was intimate, fun, funny, informative, soulful, and I truly loved every minute of it!”

— Jessica Avant (Florida)

“There is never a dull moment with this group of women. I feel all the feels when I attend the Gather conference. My tummy hurts from laughing so hard, and the tears remind me of how much love and compassion oozes from our community. I can’t miss this conference, virtually or in person, I’ve just got to be there!”

— Jen Parlin (Arizona)

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