Project Description

In Vietnam, our Artisan Partners give disadvantaged women employment opportunities they would otherwise struggle to find. The cooperative provides artisans with housing, transportation, and occupational training as well as a supportive community free of judgement.

What We Love

Many of our Artisan Partners in Vietnam have special needs. Their work as artisans provides them with rare job opportunities and shatters the stereotype that people with special needs are a burden to society.

Mrs. Suong’s Story

Mrs. Suong is a supervisor at the cooperative we partner with in Vietnam. Her leadership and compassion has improved the lives of many of the artisans who work for her. Recently, one artisan was diagnosed with a medical condition that caused him to miss work. Mrs. Suong paid him early and organized donations of money and food to be sent to his family. She understands the immense challenges of rising out of poverty, and is committed to helping whoever she can along the way.

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