Project Description

Our Artisan Partners in Vietnam are formally employed by the cooperative and have a long-term, stable work environment. They receive a guaranteed base salary, paid vacation and maternity leave, full health insurance, interest free loans, and holiday bonuses. With long-term job opportunities and a stable income, these women are not only changing their own lives and the lives of their families, they are also building the foundations of an economically stronger community which can offer a better future for the next generation.

What We Love

Artisans use recycled bullhorn that has been discarded by local stockyards in Vietnam (thus cutting down on waste!). Bullhorn is an ideal material for jewelry makers because it can be cut and molded into different shapes by applying heat and water. Bullhorn is also beautifully unique in its natural color variation. Each horn has a different combination of colors ranging from white to black, and warm caramel to soft gray.

Duong’s Story

Duong grew up in a small village with limited opportunities to escape the cycle of poverty. Her formal education ended at the age of 12 and she learned the traditional craft of horn making from her parents. 

Duong now has three children and was struggling to support her family before finding work at the artisan co-op. Through the co-op’s social fund, Duong was supported and the cost of her children’s education was covered to ensure they could enjoy their education in a way Duong was unable to. The workshop was able to offer Duong a permanent job and a steady income, enabling her to work around her family life and commitments.

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