Project Description

We partner with artisans cooperatives in Cambodia that create dignified jobs for women who are survivors of sex trafficking.

Sex trafficking continues to be a paramount issue throughout Cambodia. Some of our Artisan Partners were fortunate enough to find the cooperative before they would have predictably been trafficked, but so many others were not so lucky. Once they are safe in the cooperative, women learn jewelry-making, weaving, sewing, and textile design. They gain access to education and counseling as they earn an income through sustainable and rewarding means.

What We Love

Artisans upcycle discarded materials like rice bags, newspaper, and cement bags to create unique wallets and bags. Creating beautiful accessories out of materials others see as worthless allows these resilient women to move past their own pain towards a brighter future.

Thanan’s Story

Due to the opportunity to earn an income as an artisan, Thanan was lucky enough to avoid exploitation. She worked at the National Center for Disabled Persons, an organization committed to bettering the lives of disabled people in Cambodia by providing education, vocational training, youth programs, and paid work. After years of hard work, Thanan received a microloan that allowed her to start her own business, one that creates more opportunity for disabled women and men to better their lives.

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