Recently, we’ve had the chance to connect with Cassidy co-founder of a t-shirt company with a whole lot of heart called Wakened Apparel. Each of Wakened Apparel’s t-shirts have a social mission behind them, and when our paths crossed on Instagram, we knew we should talk. This one of the most amazing parts of working in the fair trade and social enterprise arena — we get to connect and work alongside companies and people who are doing incredible things in this world.

Wakened Apparel’s mission was founded on bringing funding and awareness to important causes around the world. T-shirts are designed and sold with a unique social campaign behind each design. For each new campaign, Wakened Apparel partners with a different social mission organization and creates beautiful in-house designs in connection with the cause that organization focuses on. $7 from every shirt part of the featured campaign is directly donated to the organization or cause.

Beyond the amazing design (we LOVE the Strong, Beautiful, Free t-shirt by the way) – you’re informed on the impact you’re making and invited to continue to raise awareness in your community. And even after the campaign expires, 10% will continue to be donated to the cause until the t-shirts are sold out.

It sounds pretty simple, right? But there’s more to that, and this is directly translated to the meaning behind Threads jewelry, which is all handcrafted and fair trade. By simply wearing the t-shirt you are raising awareness for an important cause, like combatting human trafficking and protecting endangered species.

You are bringing needed awareness to those in your community by simply wearing a t-shirt and you’re showing the world to shop with heart — showing how simple, every day purchases, like buying a t-shirt or jewelry, can make a real difference.

When Wakened Apparel partnered with the Not For Sale Campaign, it struck a chord with us. We partner with many Artisan Cooperatives in Asia who employ survivors of human trafficking and the sex trade. The women are a taught a trade, jewelry making, provided a safe and loving work environment, and given the opportunity to thrive, and emerge from poverty. 30 million people are enslaved in human trafficking every year, and Not For Sale works around the world providing trafficking survivors, and at-risk communities with safety, stability, education, and economic opportunities, so they too can thrive. Their program of work is incredible and we’re happy to support Wakened Apparel’s advocacy efforts and invite you to pick up a shirt today from Cassidy. They are gorgeous and will go perfectly with Threads Jewelry.

She paired our Mazong Necklace, handcrafted, by survivors of sex trafficking in Asia, from agate stone, with a t-shirt… it’s lovely and the perfect fall outfit.