This month, we’re celebrating the first step. You know, the scariest one of all.

To help us get over the fear of beginning, we’ve invited Brit Stueven of The Break Changer to speak at our next Threads Connect Event. Brit recently moved back to Colorado from two years in Germany, where her business greatly evolved. Since June 2015, she’s worked with over 1,100 people globally on self-care and productivity through online programs and workshops. Her passion is motivating people, and her latest program embraces the subtle yet powerful art of starting small.

If you’re in Colorado, join us! You can find all the details on the Facebook event page. If you’re not local, we’ll be streaming the whole evening on Facebook live, so tune in for some inspiration via the magic of technology.

We all have that One Thing we keep putting off.

the book.
the job change.
losing the 10 pounds.
the taxes.
the painting.
the biz idea.

…hiring an assistant.
…training for the tri.
…drinking less wine.
…creating the program.
…resting + playing more.
…stopping the birth control.
…organizing that closet.

What’s yours?

You know you’ve got one.

Whether it’s a big creative project or a little habit you want to form — every day, month and year that goes by without starting is another day, month, year, DECADE that you spend wondering…

…how you’d FEEL if that hall closet was finally free of all that STUFF.
…how you’d FEEL if people were finally hanging YOUR art on their walls.
…how you’d FEEL at your goodbye party from your 9-5, because you were finally taking your biz full time.
…how you’d FEEL finally knowing you were debt-free.

And the rational part of you knows — from anything that’s ever been scary / hard / new / overwhelming / time-consuming / good for you — that once you get started, it’s always a case of:

“Why didn’t I just jump in sooner?”

But you know the answer. It’s because of this —

That FIRST friggin’ step is the HARDEST PART. 

It’s like breaking ground with a shovel. (If you’re the indoors type, stick with me.)
The first few digs are tough. And then, the dirt starts to loosen up. And the digging becomes so easy!

What if you could get that first dig / step / leap over with?
What if you could be at the “doing it” stage instead of “waiting to do it” or “gotta start doing it”?

As women, we think we gotta go ALL in or nothin’.
We think we gotta do it PERFECTLY or not at all.
We get so hung up on that final “destination” that we get too overwhelmed to even BEGIN.
We tell ourselves we’re not good / smart / qualified / pretty / strong enough before we. even. try.

We live in an instant society, so of COURSE we expect instant success. 

But when we slow our pace and quiet our minds, that little voice inside reminds us that:

The best tasting things are actually the slow-cooked things.
It’s not really about the arrival/accomplishment, but rather the inevitable in-between.
…the creamy Oreo filling.
…the staircase we can’t see yet.
…the spaghetti that’s not sticking to the wall yet.

My mission for our evening together is to help you rethink what your first step looks like…to get you one step closer to that oh-so-sweet middle…to get you EXCITED to skin your knees. Because THAT’s where the magic / learning / growing happens.

I’ll tell you surprising, behind-the-scenes stories about some of the world’s most successful people.
Stories that’ll make you realize, “Holy canoli! They’re human. They struggled. They STILL struggle.”
Stories that’ll get. you. started.
Stories that’ll keep. you. moving.

Do you have goosebumps or do you have goosebumps?

See you April 12,

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