Our Spring / Summer Collection 2017 is our biggest and most beautiful yet! Between spring colors, intricate designs, and Threads Exclusives, it’s safe to say we’re a little obsessed.

Since our Founders handpicked each piece in the line, we decided to ask them which were their faves.

Threads Worldwide - Founders Lindsay, Kara, and Angela
Threads Worldwide - Lindsay Murphy

Lindsay’s Favorites: Heron Necklace, Tala Earrings, Diani Bracelet

I love the perfect combination of these three pieces, and each has a story to tell.

I am drawn to the beautiful color of the Heron necklace; it’s so gorgeous with any skin tone and is versatile enough for any occasion. This piece is created exclusively for us by our Artisan Partners in Ecuador — we’ll actually be taking a group of Fair Trade Partners to visit them later this year! (Join our tribe and come on the trip!)

Each time I wear a piece made by our Artisan Partners in Kenya (like the Diani Bracelet and Tala Earrings), I think of the many hardships these hearing impaired women have overcome. Communication is key when developing new products, and only one of the women in the cooperative is without hearing deficit. It makes me so happy to see the stunning pieces they create despite the obstacles the deaf community faces in Kenya. I hope to visit all of our Artisan Partners someday, but this group is definitely at the top of the list!

I love the Ora Necklace. It’s a Threads exclusive and is our first piece from Uganda. Women hand roll newspaper to create the beads — so resourceful! Imagine the hours of conversation these women had while rolling the paper into beads…this necklace holds a lot of stories!

The Solo Bracelet also holds a special place in my heart. We visited Bali in 2015 and were inspired by one artisan in particular: Karyawati. We designed this piece, and she makes it exclusively for Threads. I can imagine her working in her backyard workshop. I can see her bending the metal to form the infinity symbol and fusing it to the chain. Each time I wear this piece, I think of the impact this work has made on her life. 

Threads Worldwide - Kara Wiegand

Kara’s Favorites: Paz BraceletLohit NecklaceAbbe Bracelet

The Paz Bracelet is going to be an everyday piece for me. I took a group of Fair Trade Partners to visit our Artisan Partners in Guatemala last year, and I am transported back every time I look at it. This piece is simple yet elegant, with a charm that reads ‘strength.’ I can’t think of a better word to describe the women we met; their perseverance, courage, and commitment shone bright.

Beyond the perfect combination of exquisite and badass, the symbolism of the Abbe Bracelet inspires me beyond measure. The beads are made from melted down artillery shells from former war conflicts, and the piece is handmade by women who are HIV-positive and have been ostracized from their communities as a result. This bracelet is the embodiment of transformation, hope, and beauty.