This holiday season, the average American will spend between $700 and $800 on gifts for the holidays. That’s a lot of cookie dough. Can you imagine if that money was spent on ethical and fair trade products?

You don’t have to imagine!  

We’ve all heard that phrase that you “vote with your dollars.” While that may sound more boring than Frosty sans his magic hat, it’s absolutely true. When we swipe our credit card, we are voting for that company to succeed, and we are endorsing the way they treat their employees and producers.

Articles like this one from EcoWatch have pulled back the veil on major corporations’ ethics and working practices. And while it may be less convenient to seek out and shop ethical brands instead, we think it’s so worth it.

To give you a glimpse into the impact of fair trade, here is a story of one of our Artisan Partners, Nancy, in Ecuador. Nancy, a mother of three, started her business selling jewelry on a mat in the crowded marketplace of Otavalo. She and her husband, Carlos, worked together, but when sales faltered, they became homeless. The safety of their family — and the well-being of their relationship — became uncertain. One day, a woman approached Nancy in the market and changed her life: she offered to include Nancy’s jewelry in her product line, which she sold on the global market. Nancy excitedly accepted, and her life began to transform. Before long, Nancy and her family built a small home that had electricity, running water, and even linoleum floors! Her children are safe, and her relationship with her husband is stronger than ever. The home has now grown to include a workshop, where eight other artisans are employed.

Your fair trade purchases can directly affect a life like Nancy’s — can you imagine giving anything better for the holidays?

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Founder Lindsay show Nancy (right) the Threads catalog where her pieces are featured


Happy Holidays from all of us at Threads Worldwide!