Angela, Kara and I have learned that when creating something new, there is no blueprint of next steps and best decisions. During the creation of Threads Worldwide, each of us has called the other announcing, “Help, I don’t know what to do next!” Throughout the process we have brainstormed, researched and moved forward with ideas, tasks and projects that eventually proved unnecessary. Each time, we learned more about ourselves and the business than we ever imagined.

Our latest and ongoing task has been developing a product line.  We originally believed it would be an easy task to design and select products that were not only fashionable, but also had an inspiring story. We learned quickly that the beautiful stories about our pieces turned out to be the easy part; the hard part was that we all had very different tastes in jewelry and accessories.  Imagine that!

We’ve had many discussions on what pieces to keep in our line and why. We’ve spent months designing, considering and ordering samples. Fortunately, each of us has different tastes, so whenever we would disagree, we would remind ourselves that you, our partners and customers, also have different tastes. Within our line, you will find classic pieces that can be worn for any occasion. For those of you who prefer jewelry that is your outfit, you will also find pieces that are more creative and “funky”. The one thing we could all agree on—and that we found to be true with all of our final selections—is that each of the pieces has a story that will move your heart.

We are close to finalizing our product line and are confident you will LOVE what we have created. Stay tuned!