Sometimes my ‘to-do’ list can be a bit extensive and things that aren’t immediate are ‘snoozed’ until a later date. If you can believe this – I just uploaded our pictures from meeting our Artisan Partners in Guatemala this fall.  Yes, we have been home since October 12th and yes, three months is enough time to get pictures uploaded!

That being said, my procrastination couldn’t have landed me on a more PERFECT way to start my 2015.  I sat down with a cup of coffee and took the time to look at all of the beautiful photos of our amazing Artisan Partners.  The timing couldn’t have been better – I got even more inspired about what Threads is planning in the New Year and I realized that even though it had been on my ‘to-do’ list for months, the best time to do it – was now.

As I sit with my coffee I wonder about the women and what they are doing this morning.  Are they making a breakfast of tortillas?  Practicing a new pattern for a Spring bracelet?  Walking their children to school?

Here are a few of my favorite photos. Hoping these photos will bring as much inspiration and joy to your day as they did mine.

Cheers to a beautifully inspired 2015,