Once we knew we were fully committed to providing women in developing countries an opportunity to earn a consistent income, we had to determine what sales and marketing model we were going to use to make the biggest impact.

It was clear to all of us that a retail store would be too limiting geographically and selling exclusively online would limit the conversations, education and interactions that would make the kind of difference we are committed to making.

We want to be out in our community talking about WHY fair trade is important, WHAT we are doing, the DIFFERENCE fair trade makes, and HOW others can get involved.

We ran through every possible model to promote and sell the Threads line and always came back to a model that will not only provide access to the most people, but will also create the most conversations about why Threads is the place to purchase your jewelry and accessories.

Threads products will be sold by Independent Threads Sales Consultants at events, trunk shows, and fundraisers; this direct sales model allows for a fun, interactive opportunity to purchase unique, fashionable, and fairly traded jewelry and accessories. Guests will not only learn about women who are strengthening their communities, but also how their purchase is making a difference, and how they can make money and a difference by selling Threads products.

We are excited to have found a model that we believe will make the most impact and create the most opportunity for women in their families and communities! We are always going to buy jewelry and accessories… why not feel great doing it?!