Having airline tickets booked always puts a smile on my face, as well as a lot of inspiring energy in my heart. I feel like the actual booking of the tickets is putting a deposit down on my future freedom and discovery. It’s the commitment that I get to be reunited with my ‘travel self’, a self that I admire for her bravery, free-spirit and open heart. I start to daydream about my ‘travel self’ spending too many hours in a coffee shop on a new street, enjoying long bus rides while listening to music, and all of the people I will meet along the way.

Founding Threads Worldwide has provided additional beauty to my travel experiences. I now also ponder how to most effectively tell the stories of our Artisan Partners that we meet. How will we share their life changes since having access to a global market? How will we share the impact we get to experience? We know that the better we share our Artisans’ inspiring stories and communicate the impact Threads is making, the more others will want to get involved in the movement! This is an important task and we take it very seriously.

We are excited that one of the Founders of Story Punch – Kimothy Pikor – a company who does Storytelling for Social Change, will be joining us in Guatemala to meet our Artisan Partners (the same Artisans who made the beautiful jewelry pictured here). Kimothy and her team will be capturing video and pictures to tell our Artisans’ stories.

Although you won’t find me worrying about what I will be packing in my backpack to Guatemala, or where we will stay on our first night upon arrival, my mind is already racing with ideas on how to best share the inspiring and moving stories about the artisans we have yet to meet!   Watch for these stories when we return in October!

– Lindsay Herron