Whether you live in Kenya or Kansas, some things will always be constant: flowers need sun and rain to grow, tides will change, and motherhood will never be easy.

On the surface, our lives here in the U.S. look very different from the lives of our Artisan Partners. But deep down, we are more alike than we are different, and this is especially true of motherhood.

When our Fair Trade Partners visited our Artisan Partners in Guatemala this past fall, they were struck by how similar their dreams were. All wanted their children to be happy, healthy, and educated, and all wanted the same for children around the world. The specifics of our lives look different (our homes, our work, how we get around town), but the way we love our children is identical.

This Mother’s Day, we’re honoring the universality of motherhood and standing with mamas around the globe. Here are 3 things we know to be true:

1) Being away from your children for long periods of time, especially when they are very young, is difficult on both mothers and kids.

We’re so glad that our Artisan Partners can work while spending time with their children. Our Fair Trade Partners enjoy the same perks—many have actually left full-time jobs so they can be with their families and do life-changing work!

Threads Worldwide - Artisan Mothers

Check out this multitasking mama in Uganda!

2) Being a mother deepens your desire to create a better world.

When you cradle something you created in your arms, the world becomes a more precious place. Love becomes a force bigger and more powerful than hate, and it’s hard to comprehend how there can be so much turmoil in the world.

Our Fair Trade Partners turn this love into impact. They do life-changing work that transforms their perspective and empowers women and mothers in our global sisterhood.

Threads Worldwide - Mothers
Threads Worldwide - Mothers

Founders Angela Melfi (left) and Lindsay Murphy both became moms recently!

3) Mothers instinctively put their children’s needs in front of their own.

It’s amazing what a mother will do for the benefit of her children, even at her own expense. Many of our Fair Trade Partners have grown their Threads business enough to leave jobs that were unfulfilling and emotionally exhausting. They come to know that by taking care of themselves, they are taking care of their children as well.

Threads Worldwide - Artisan Mothers
Wherever you are in the world this Mother’s Day, hug your mama tight.