“We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike”
—Maya Angelou

I have a dear friend who is on the near “opposite end” of the political spectrum as I am. We had a heart-warming conversation about how really, ‘don’t we all want the same thing?’

If we were to task every Americn – every human –  to come up with 10 words they want in the world I’m guessing the majority would be the same – or at least very similar. We just have different ideas of how to accomplish those things. We each think X is the problem and if we could only alleviate or eradicate X then those 10 magical adjectives would be possible.

What if instead of thinking we’re on ‘opposite ends’ or have ‘different views’ we realize that actually – we want the same thing and realize that the few options in front of us are probably not all that is available. There is a whole spectrum of the ‘in between’ that just might accomplish what we all want.

Here are mine:



To be included

To know love

To be valued

To be true to mySelf

To contribute

To be creative

To feel the simultaneous pull of contentment and aspiration

And perfect for our theme this month representing our family value, finally: To know Joy