March is Women’s History Month, and though we celebrate women every day, we’re teaming up with Women for Women International to make this month extra special.

We’re thrilled to be partnering with this incredible organization. Every conversation we had has left us brimming with inspiration.

Women for Women has been hard at work for 25 years empowering marginalized women in countries affected by war and conflict. By offering support, tools, and access to life-changing skills, the organization allows women to rebuild their lives, and as a result, the nation. They’re celebrating their quarter century anniversary by honoring women who use their courage to change the world in a campaign called Match Her Courage.

Threads Worldwide + Women for Women International - Courage Necklace

We worked with our Artisan Partners in India to create this custom Courage Necklace exclusively for our partnership. The women who crafted this piece were rescued from the sex trade and given the chance for a brighter future by working in an artisan cooperative.

When you purchase the Courage Necklace, you truly support women around the world. You give our Artisan Partners in India more work, and since we’re donating 50% of sales to Women for Women, you help them empower women in areas of conflict.

And every time you put on your Courage Necklace, you tap into the collective strength of our global sisterhood.

Kanchan, one of our Artisan Partners in India, has a story that speaks to the power of women joined together.

Before joining an artisan cooperative, Kanchan and her husband lived on 3500 Rupees a month, an amount about equal to $54 USD. When Kanchan first joined the co-op, she was painfully shy. Gradually, as she earned an income, she gained confidence and independence, but she still felt unsure of herself amongst her coworkers.

Two years later, Kanchan was pregnant with her first child. The pregnancy was complicated and scary. The women in her artisan group surrounded her with support and helped her to deliver a healthy child.

Kanchan has blossomed into an essential member of her cooperative and a leader. She now trains new artisans, welcoming them into the community. And because of her hard work, her family has been able to purchase their own two-room flat.

Stories like Kanchan’s remind us that women are unstoppable when we join together. Have the courage to share your story, and have the courage to stand together with women around the world.

You can check out Women for Women’s campaign here and shop our Courage Necklace here.

Threads Worldwide + Women for Women International - Courage Necklace