One of our Threads Family Values is Abundant Joy & Wonder: We bring curious minds and invite, wisdom, joy, and deep, deep belly laughs!

We asked a few of our Fair Trade Partners to share the ways joining the Threads team has expanded their JOY! Here’s what they had to say…

Rachel Jewell, Ohio

You know what brings me JOY? People. I love meeting new people, talking to them about fair trade, Threads, family, fashion. I have been so blessed by the people who have come into my life because of this work. 

Erin Attere, Illinois

I expected to experience great joy launching Threads in Chicago because I knew I’d feel fulfilled doing impactful work. What I didn’t expect is that I’d experience great joy connecting so many women to create community – something the world needs so much more of. I didn’t expect to provide a safe space for a close friend struggling with life challenges. I didn’t expect to give generously financially thanks to my business to support a friend’s fundraising efforts as her father fights cancer. And I didn’t expect to love working with our community of Fair Trade Partners who are so authentic, so inspiring, and so purpose-driven. Sometimes it’s the unexpected things that bring the greatest joy! 

Lori Womack, Florida

Threads brought me Joy when I visited and met the monkeys in Ubud! 

Threads brings me joy when I have showcases and see women connecting with each other, being their authentic selves, talking about big things in their lives while creating work for women. 

Threads brings me joy when I can use my earnings to pay for a weekend getaway to celebrate my 16th wedding anniversary! 

Threads brings me joy when I sit around the table at the Threads conference with some of the most amazing women I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting and we share ideas of how we are going to work hard to provide a marketplace for other amazing women whom I hope to have the privilege of meeting one day on our artisans trips! 

Jessica Avant, Florida

I experience so much JOY at showcases.  An unexpected perk to Threads is all the amazing women I meet in my community.  At one showcase in particular, I reconnected with a family friend from 30 years ago and we were able to reminisce about her parents (who are now passed) and the good times we remembered.  I never know who I’m going to meet and make a personal connection to.

Robin Smith, Florida

I was at an event for the Tallahassee Junior Women’s Club and each vendor present was asked to say a few words about their company or business. I don’t know what came over me (joy, maybe?), but I knew Threads was an amazing company doing amazing work.  After explaining what Threads was all about, I offered to donate my commission from my next Showcase to one of the TJWC charities, the Shoe Club. This fund provides money to school counselors to buy shoes and socks for students in need. I felt the Threads mission aligned well with the Shoe club so that’s why I picked it. It felt really good to do that. The showcase is Nov. 7!

Beth Ginsberg, Colorado

Threads has brought me the most joy by giving me the conduit to reconnect with some pretty awesome women from my past.  Without Threads, I would never have had the opportunity to reconnect with women who have become Ambassadors and customers with me on this journey.  I am so excited to grow with Threads, improve my selling skills, but most importantly to continue to meet amazing women (and men!). Thank you Threads!

Andrea Jones, Colorado

What brings me joy in my Threads business is the feeling of being a part of something “bigger”. I love partnering with all kinds of women with different experiences, interests and dreams.  It brings me joy to connect a woman here with a woman in another country through her story. It brings me joy every morning to wear my Threads pieces and remember that bigger role I play in partnering with these women in achieving their dreams. 

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