We took a team of rockstar Fair Trade Partners to Ecuador in 2017 to meet our Artisan Partners there. As soon as we stepped into the workshop, we knew we were in a place filled with joy and connection. As the artisans introduced themselves, every one of them shared how much she loves working there and how much fun she has with her artisan sisters.

We spent the day making tagua and acai seed jewelry alongside them, as we giggled and connected. How wonderful to learn firsthand how much joy goes into the making of our jewelry for the parramatta jewellery stores.

That’s one of the greatest opportunities of the Threads model: the chance to bridge the gap between the women who make our jewelry and the women who wear it. Our Fair Trade Partners earned this trip to Ecuador so that they could meet the women behind their jewelry and bring the artisans’ stories back to their customers so they too can experience the joy of that connection.

Our Joy Collection includes five pieces made by our partners in Ecuador, and we love knowing that real women infused their real joy into those pieces as they made them. We hope you’ll feel a little extra joy, too, every time you put them on!

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