International Women’s Day is this Sunday, March 8. It started in 1911, and remains a day, year after year, to showcase the power of women. It is a day to remind us all that women are strong, and should never be subjected to violence, hindered from receiving an education, or replaced due to their gender. It is a day of reflection for the achievements and struggles of women worldwide.

We founded Threads Worldwide in 2011, 100 years after the first celebrated International Women’s Day. Our travel experiences are largely the inspiration for why we started Threads. We were witness to numerous heartbreaking situations  – harsh working conditions, extreme poverty, and minimal access to education, to name a few.

We knew that by providing life-changing work for women, they would reinvest in themselves and their families, from education to healthcare, and overtime, stronger, healthier communities would surface.Thus, Threads Worldwide was born. Today, on the 104th International Women’s Day, we are continually inspired by the women of the world and the groups of women we work with. The Artisan women are dedicated to their craft, improving their children and families’ lives, and uplifting their communities. The Threads Sales Constants, care for their children and family, run businesses, and balance other jobs. These women, whether in Denver, or Quito, are inspiring.

This year’s International Women’s Day Theme is “Make it Happen,” standing as a call for gender equality. We are motivated to participate, learn, and share from this special day.

All over the world, women will be coming together to celebrate their accomplishments and showcase the need for greater gender equality.  We encourage you to check out events in your community! Click here to learn more.

Throughout the weekend on social media, we’re going to be celebrating that we’re making a difference, and recommitting ourselves to the continued efforts of gender equality, because every little thing makes a difference and brings us one step closer to the equality that women not only want, but deserve.

We want to know the women in your life who inspire you! Tweet at us or upload a picture to Instagram and share who inspires you and what you are doing for this year’s International Women’s Day! Use the hashtag #threadsIWD.

To women everywhere – Happy International Women’s Day!

~Kara, Angela, and Lindsay