Choose hand-crafted over factory-made this holiday season, and purchase holiday gifts that give back to artisan women all over the world. When you buy Threads handcrafted jewelry, you’re not only helping to revitalize and preserve cultural traditions but also providing employment opportunity for our talented artisan partners, allowing them to reinvest in their families and community.

We’ll be skipping Cyber Monday once again this year, and encouraging our community to #ChooseArtisan and shop with heart instead. On Tuesday 12/1, join us for our annual #FairTuesday sale, a day of shopping ethically and supporting artisans. Mark your calendars & get ready to shop!

In the meantime, if you need some inspiration for gifts that give back, we’ve sought out a few of our favorite, colorful beauties from our collection that give back to artisan women. These are the perfect gift for anyone on your list this year!

1. Kota Necklace – This vibrant necklace can be adjusted to various lengths and is made entirely by hand by talented artisan women in India. They are provided safe working conditions, earn a fair wage, and are given the opportunity to reinvest in their families, emerge from poverty, and thrive.

2. Khasi Scarf – This beautiful cotton scarf is piece of art – it is handspun, hand-dyed and handwoven from combed, raw cotton by artisan women living in rural India, without the use of any electrical machinery or energy. The women are able earn a living wage and have the opportunity to reinvest in their families.

3. Malacca Earrings – These pretty earrings have an antique golden hue and are handcrafted by survivors of sex trafficking in Asia. The women are taught a skill, jewelry making, provided a safe and nourishing workplace, earn a fair wage, and are given the opportunity to emerge from poverty and thrive.

4. Paz Bracelet – The design for this handcrafted bracelet is influenced by ancestral culture and Indigenous Mayan weaving from Guatemala. The artisan women are trained in jewelry making and then establish their own micro-businesses, partnering with the founding artisan cooperative for specific projects. With access to sustainable income, the artisan women have been able to invest in education and healthcare for themselves, their children, and have been able to make their homes safer too.

5. Peten Clutch – These amazing clutches are handcrafted from traditional Mayan blouses and nubuck leather. Each clutch is unique; patterns, floral and geometric designs vary, reflecting the hand of the artisan. This clutch is symbolic for the revitalization and preservation of cultural traditions that fair trade and Threads Worldwide champions for. The talented artisan women earn a fair wage and are able to provide for their families and help economically stimulate their communities.

Shop with heart this year, shop Threads Worldwide and buy holiday gifts that give back!