At the Emerging Women conference I learned of a company called World Pulse who is ‘using digital media to connect women worldwide into a powerful force for change’.  They believe that ‘when women are heard, they will change the world’ and are ‘accelerating women’s impact for the world’.

Sound familiar?

The World Pulse founder, Jensine Larsen, told stories of women walking hours across refugee camps to access the Internet to be heard.  She told of the safety concerns the women have just in reaching a computer and also shared the inspiring stories of those who were brave enough to tell their stories which created change through the worldwide network.  A woman who joined Jensine on the Emerging Women panel, Leina, is an advocate against breast ironing, a practice where mothers and grandmothers ‘iron’ their daughters breasts in an effort to reduce the risk of rape.  Leina is committed to abolishing this practice in Cameroon and 20,000 women have pledged to not iron their daughters’ breasts because of Leina’s bravery and ability to share her story.

As the panel spoke of their struggles and wins, I looked down at my phone knowing that the Internet was a touch away and realized that access to speaking online is the latest thing I was taking for granted.

We have resources – literally – at our fingertips that we can use to improve lives.  Our voice, both online and off, is one of them.  What is something you can speak up* about today?

– Angela Yost, Founder & CEO

* Or listen to?  World Pulse has Online Community Listener volunteers who listen and comment on women’s stories.