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Frequently Asked Questions

Is sourcing from fair trade cooperatives sustainable?2017-01-16T22:08:01+00:00
At Threads, we partner with cooperatives with scaleability in mind. Our goal is to create the demand for fair trade products that allows these cooperatives to create more consistent work for their current artisans and grow their artisan field by employing more and more women from their communities.

With over a billion people living on $1.25 per day (70% of whom are women and girls), there is an abundance of women whose employment with our cooperatives would dramatically improve their lives. We look forward to the day when fair trade is so common that it is no longer a distinguishing factor in buying decisions. Imagine the shift in consumer decisions when items have to be labeled with ‘products made from slave labor’ instead of ‘fair trade’!

Do you only work with women?2017-01-16T22:07:44+00:00
Our mission as a business is to create life-changing work for women around the world through the fair trade of artisan jewelry.
At this time, more than 75% of the artisans who make our products are women and all of our fair trade partners are women. In many of the countries where we work, men are involved in some aspects of creating jewelry – often in working with metal.
We are passionate creating work for women because women have the power to transform their communities!
How much do Artisans earn?2017-01-16T22:05:01+00:00

We do not pay our Artisan Partners a salary or a percentage of the sale price.

We partner with artisan businesses, cooperatives and non-profits. We pay our Artisan Partners for the work they do up front: 50% when we place an order and 50% when the order is shipped to us. This allows our partners to purchase raw materials and to pay fair wages to Artisans while they create our products.

In developing countries, artisan businesses often do not have access to credit. Advance payments enable our partners to grow their businesses sustainably.  Not only do the Artisans have consistent work by working with our groups, they are also guaranteed to be paid fairly per the standard of living in their country. Typically, this is 4x-12x more than they would be paid if they had other consistent work.

Who makes our products?2017-01-16T22:01:09+00:00

Threads Worldwide jewelry and accessories are made by our Artisan Partners in 11 countries around the world.

Our Artisan Partners, who are paid a fair wage, on time, in healthy working conditions, with no child or forced labor produce the Threads Worldwide line of jewelry and accessories.

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