Meet Kristi Edwards, Fair Trade Partner and mama of 3. She’s one of the winners of our Threads Family Value photo contest for capturing these darling images on our recent trip to Bali to meet our Artisan Partners:

Winning photo for Together We Rise. Kristi huddles up with Threads founder Kara Valentine, fellow Fair Trade Partners Jessica Avant and Jen Parlin, and Artisan Partner Karyawati and her daughter Intan.

Winning photo for Safe & Nurturing Communities. Kristi caught this sweet moment of Intan, our Artisan Partner Karyawati’s daughter, on the steps of the safe and nurturing home her mother’s work as a fair trade artisan helps provide her.

Here’s what Kristi had to share about her experiences as a Threads Fair Trade Partner.

Where do you live?
Englewood, Colorado

How long have you been a Fair Trade Partner?
Seven months

In addition to Threads, what else are you up to in life?
I have 10-year-old triplets: Paul, Zara, and Samuel.  Being their mom is the best thing I have ever done. I also do some consulting in accounting and finance.

What’s your favorite part of being a Fair Trade Partner?
There are so many reasons I love being a Fair Trade Partner.  It feels amazing to own a business that directly contributes to the improvement of women and families’ lives. I love the comradery that I share with the other amazing women that are Fair Trade Partners and the people I meet by participating in this business.

How do you live the Threads Family Value of “Together We Rise”?
By working together as equal partners with women around the world we are all better together.

How do you live the Threads Family Value of “Safe & Nurturing Communities”?
We always say it takes a village which is true in your home as well as being a citizen of the world.  We strive to make our own community safe and nurturing, and being a Fair Trade Partner has allowed me the opportunity to help foster safe and nurturing communities around the world.

How has your perspective in life changed since joining the Threads community?
I have a much greater perspective of the world around us and the contribution we can make every day through awareness and tweaking our lives to make socially conscious choices and purchases.

What do you now see is possible for you and for the world?
Working with Threads has been so rewarding, it inspires me and drives me to contribute more and think progressively.   If we all think this way the world will be a much brighter place and there will be far less poverty.

Interested in joining Kristi and other Fair Trade Partners in Guatemala next year?